Weird dream

I know I have contacted a couple of you regarding this matter, but I feel I should get a blend of opinions too.

So last night I fell asleep and I had this dream where I had gone into a coma/had amnesia. This dream ended up being very short as well.

@Aluriel took me to this house where there was this guy who might have been my age or not. There was a fuck ton of power radiating off of him. He had darker hair and wore what I think was glasses. Aluriel eventually left and I was alone with this guy, who was saying he was my boyfriend and Twin Flame and that I merely forgot due to the coma.

He seemed very relaxed and intellectual. He wanted me to lie down with him. All I said to him was “I don’t know what to do”. He came over to me and hugged me from behind and then I woke up.

I think I have seen him before too, in other visions. I had a teacher here once who didn’t tell me certain things because I either “wasn’t allowed to know” or was expected to figure it out on my own. He would show up in visions and tell me everything.

^he looks an awful lot like him.

Anyone got opinions, interpretations or advice? The dream world is messy.


I had learned dream interpretation from my grandmother Also took online classes for it but this dream interpretation is a complicated matter I will try to interpret it as per my capacity.

  • The house represents your own soul and self.

  • seeing that man in your dream it indicates that a decision needs to be made
    This dream also suggest that you need to learn something new.
    This dream also suggests that a friend or lover may appear in your life and be a source of inspiration.

  • The guy wearing sunglasses represents feelings about yourself or others having to be more intelligent, responsible, or careful than others.

This is considered a good omen, this also refers to the fact that you are probably feeling lonely and you need someone in your life.

I hope I was of some help. :sparkles:

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Practice improving discerning your dreams , simple as , we’d never be able to give you great advice because we didn’t have the dreams ourselves


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I have to agree the house is probably the self.
Sometimes our dreams are the subconscious way of sorting things out.

Think about how you have been feeling lately and what you have experiencing.

Maybe meditate on it and try to remember where you have seen the guy before. The coma thing could be you trying to remember past lives.


I don’t think he has shown up outside the visions where he gave me cheat sheets on the the secrets I wanted from Velo.

Mix of things really. Anger, Amusement, Calmness, etc.

This isn’t inaccurate at all though.

Maybe I will meet the right one :slight_smile:
As long as it isn’t velo… if it is I’ll be raging pissed and I’ll hold my own fucking riot and the astral will be on fire. I ain’t no child bride.


Actually it’s funny you said that because I did a pick a card and that was one thing that cake up along with the fact he basically want a future with me


If my memory dosen’t fail wearing sun glasses (in cinema) can be interpreted as dehumanization (regarding the no eye contact as a way of disconnection) and perceiving the reality under a specific perspective (limiting factor). Sunglasses sometimes is seen as a protection.

Hope it helps :upside_down_face:


If I said sunglasses I apologize, they were actually prescription glasses used for seeing.

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Lol. Sorry.
Now I’ll wait until you have a dream that involves sunglasses.


If he is that same person, then you don’t need to do anything but continue your journey. You’ll know more as you go. Since someone you know brought you to him, and it was in your house, it is a sign that you can trust him.

I agree with this. It seems to me he is someone you knew from a past life and in that life you were very close and intimate.

You are right, though. Dream world is messy. If he is from a past life and hasn’t incarnated, it could make for an interesting relationship given that you have found he wants a future with you. Though since he has helped so much already, I don’t think he’s demanding anything weird.

Just keep an open mind and don’t dwell too much on it, imo. Relationships are hard enough without the layers of past lives and spiritual beings who are obviously powerful in their own right. All will be as it should as long as you don’t try too hard to know or do too much before its time.


Well suitors, both new and former are popping up all the sudden.

What in satan’s name is going on lol?
I think ima just be my peacock self and strut down the street.


I won’t judge. You do you. Lol. :smile:

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Shooooooottttttt, I know that feel, fam.

“You don’t LEARN anything if I give you all the answers.”
Me: Whack.

Still my favorite. Haha

I’m going to guess from the language in this, he’s not someone you’ve met before in your waking life?

This is just my two cents, which no one asks for but I give anyway :joy::

I usually interpret these things one of three ways:

  • It could be a past life memory
  • It could be someone on the other side of the veil interacting with you in this life
  • This could be someone you’re supposed to look for in your waking life.

I find that dreams are extremely personal, and that your subconscious knows how to communicate messages in ways that you’ll know what they mean. For example, that’s why there are many different interpretations of a symbol in dream dictionaries. Of course, there are common things that come from culture (color meanings, animals, etc.), but I find that if you FEEL something, it’s probably what the dream was trying to communicate to you.

These are just my opinions.