Weird dream. Any help or insight would be cool

So I’m getting back into the occult after many months of break. I have been searching for a roman or greek god or goddess to work with. I asked in my head for a sign during a dream. Last night my dream was like reality and I saw my phone light up with the word “sallonos” or maybe “sallonus” im not sure as its fuzzy but i know “sal” and “onos” was present in the name. my phone in the dream also had a black spiky look. If anyone has insight on what deity might be calling me, I would be appreciative. Thank you

As soon as I read your post this Demon came to mind.


I read up on him before posting. It may have been him but I don’t see how love is related to my needs currently.

As in my previous link, it also states “and speaks authoritatively about the creation of the world.” Which would be of help if you were trying to manifest change in this world.

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I must have misread. I am looking for someone to help with my alchemy and poison. Do you think that sallos could help with that?

Have you looked at Stolas maybe? He does teach us about herbs and such.

Also Sallonus might be a lesser demon subservient to a greater demon?

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Also might want to ask Beliel seeing as he teaches black alchemy.

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Very interesting. I will look into it. I figure it may be a lesser demon or maybe a different spelling of a god or goddess

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