Weird dream and a question

The question : Using the enn of an entity can prevent imposters?

Dream -
I have been dreaming of mother lilith a lot.Today around 3:30 am,I was in a half awake and half asleep kinda state and i murmured : Mother lilith enter my temple and my body and enlighten me,heard a thunderclap and I couldn’t move,literally felt like something entered my body.I swear I didn’t intend to do this but it’s like I did it without knowing.
The thing is,I wasn’t thinking about her much but I have been dreaming about her from the past 3 days.Today I was a little scared as my family was around and I don’t want them to notice any change.
I don’t get this.Felt like sharing.

Generally if you pray to any spirit you work with it can protect you from imposters .

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I am a beginner :slight_smile: so…

That doesn’t make a difference , say some spiritual prayers

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I never worked with any.
I am working with my psychic senses.I just heard some saying that looking at the sigil while chanting the enn prevents imposters so I wanted to know.