Weird dream about lucifer

Okay so last night I medicated then repeated lucifers enn like it was a song playing ok repeat and I ask him if he could help me with my astral senses and I’ll work for it too and then before I went to bed I repeated his enn but I have no idea why and woke up only to realise I hade a dream with lucifer in

The dream was about me doing some kind of haunted house thing then coming out and going over to a boxing ring, I remember asking if anyone was a vampire and someone said yes so I asked if the could turn me so they did.

At the end of the dream I was leading an army of people and we came face to face with another her woman who was also leading an army she said “don’t get involved it’s not your fight” I have no clue what she was on about but then the dream changed and there was traffic and a man at the very front of it all so I started jumping car to car to speak with the man.

I called his name so many time but he wouldn’t answer so when I said Lucifer he looked at me and I asked him “what now” and I can’t quite remember what he said but after that I asked if he got my message and he asked where I live so I told him then he said “ I tend to steer clear of there” I then proceeded to say “it’s in the middle of both” and then I woke up I have no idea what it means maybe you guys know


Thanks for sharing!

Hmm…interesting. Let me think on it.

Your welcome

Thank you

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I love your She-go avatar btw!

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What did this woman look like…?

Thanks I love yours too

She had blond short hair if I remember correctly

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Have you performed any rituals for bane calling upon Lucifer to carry your castings forward?

Yeah I opened his Sigil the other day and put my blood on it then I medicated last night and waited ten minutes before staring at his sigil whilst chanting his enn I didn’t feel his energy as I’m fairly new but I did ask him if he could help me with my astral senses and become a better me and that I would work on it to

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Demons use symbols and metaphors when conveying a message. Your vision seems to be a series of warnings from Lucifer. The haunted house, you are facing the unknown and have questions about a future direction. Seeing a boxing ring indicates your scencing an upcoming fight, rivalry, and potential.

Leading an army is also related to facing the various challenges in life and a rivalry between another woman and could indicate a future conflict with other people or an inner conflict, that should be avoided as it’s not your fight or dispute, don’t get involved.

Climbing over the cars to deal with someone means overcoming many challenges to reach your goals you are now facing.

To succeed you must show more will power to face challenging situations and avoid unnecessary conflicts that will hold you back.


Its sounds like a clear warning not to get involved into a battle that is not yours to fight.


Okay so does this mean that whatever’s about to come is gonna be serious and that I shouldn’t get involved.

Also does it also mean that he doesn’t want to work with me

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Lucifer is responding to your rituals or meditation and is warning and advising you about potential upcoming events that might affect your future as he is working with you.


That makes sense thank you for helping me I appreciate it :blush:

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