Weird dream about a book

So hello guys it’s been a whiles since I last created a post on the forum I’m mainly a watcher of the posts and when sometimes I feel like sharing something as little as it might be I share something, but today something happened I had this weird dream of using a book to summon someone I don’t really remember the name of the spirit all I know this spirit was part of ars goetia anyway also I remember using the sigil and all that stuff, I say it was weird because I woke up more than once between 3 and 4 in the morning and this dream continued even if I woke up I know someone is trying to tell me something I just don’t remember the details.


A book is a form of communication as well as this vision. People share their thoughts and ideas through books. Pay attention to the other details of the dream: this could be a message about your concerns about summoning or evoking demons or rituals.

Has there been something you want to learn about recently? A ritual or a specific deity? Whether it is a new skill needed for your interest in the occult, or about learning about spirits or demons, this may have some insight into your dream.

I think the message is focus on your skills in the occult and to succeed you must study and research more than you have been willing to lately.

Well to be honest I have a concern about economical situation as well as I’ve been considering to ask spirits for help and getting me a better situation on this problem, I guess this might be the situation I also remember that in the dream there was a voice telling me he could help me with those problems

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You might want to focus on a prosperity casting select the deity of your choice carefully to insure success, a deity that will not deceive you but help move you forward.

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That would totally be something good you know this stuff has been causing me some trouble for a time I used to think that it was destiny but then I found out about magick the way I see it now and I feel I can change it but I’ve been struggling to do it

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Any specifics on the economical issue at hand? I have many hand written and printed resources to look into different powers for you, If I can get some more specifics I can go through my own means and try to help you narrow down to some more ideal choices.

Well I’m trying to get some more money than I have, I’ve been trying to start a new business to get some more bucks I just want to make my wife’s and mines life quality, I just want thing to go the right way