Weird cases from cousins

Hey there I was pondering about something that happened with someone I know, and I wanted to know what do you think about
I had a cousin who was starting his working with the gatekeepers, and at the time he wasn’t sure of how to work with then, but wanted to create a bond so he would be able to be guided by then.
So he offered his blood on their sigil and burn it with that intent, nothing new in that.
The interesting part is that he took the ashes and passed on he’s body after the ritual (obviously he washed alway after that).
Was that ashes even useful to that, or he was just melodramatic?
Ps: nothing weird happened to him after the ritual, so that’s a thing a guess

Magick is all about intent, So of course it would have a effect. So long your cousin did it with intent and had believe in it

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A way to cleanse, most likely. Sometimes urges for certain behaviors can result in ritual, many times without knowing why until we think about it later. However, there is still a choice whether or not to go through with whatever urge emerges. JS Garrett once describe feeling the urge to stab himself in the chest with a rusty nail when working with Legba for the first time in one of BALG’s videos. It is something he had to snap out of and resist to prevent injury. That why it is important to have at least part of you grounded during ritual, especially with working with spirits you are not used to.