Weird but Amazing Spell Results?

So, this whole tangent will probably sound strange, but I had to experience it, so bear with me.

I decided to do a spell to make sure my IUD insertion went well. You see, IUDs are 99% effective ONLY IF your body takes to them properly, and if you have not given birth ever, the risk of the IUD not taking or falling out of position is 10%. That is only for the first 3 months though–after that, you should be good.

Naturally, I wanted this to go well… So I created a spell that asked Marbas to ensure the IUD stayed in place. This spell involved chanting over a glass of water and drinking it just before going in for the appointment. So, I got up first thing in the morning, did the spell, and went to the appointment.

This gyno had been giving me a hard time about the IUD because it is the hormone-free kind and would do nothing for my PCOS, which is really another matter. Long story short, hormones make me crazy and once gave me a bald spot, and a different pill sent me into anaphylactic shock. So, I was just never going to agree to take them again. At this point, I’ll just go for not getting pregnant. She eventually agrees, which is how I got this appointment. When she comes into the room, I hear something no patient who is about to have metal shoved into their uterus would ever want to hear: “Wow, I’m already 3 people behind today!”. At that point, I really had to have some faith.

As the nurse is setting up for the pap smear and IUD insertion, she mentions an impending weather disaster. Apparently, we were going to be under a tornado watch with dangerous wind speeds in a few hours. She even suspected that they were going to have to shelter in the office for a while. I could have sworn that this was not a thing before I came there. I’m positive I would have heard about it somewhere–I mean, the US is usually pretty good about staying on top of stuff like that. I also live in an area where tornadoes are almost geologically impossible due to the placement of the mountains, so this would have been a huge news story.

The ordeal was really gruesome, which is true for everyone. The speculum might have been the most painful part because I’m not really super sexually active and I was so nervous that I almost broke it by clamping down on it. The pap smear basically involves putting a thorny pipe cleaner into your cervix and swishing around. To start the IUD process they have to skewer your cervix on two sides with a pincer-looking tool and pull on it. After that, she had to stick a rod all the way up past my cervix to touch the inside top wall of my uterus twice to measure where everything was before loading up the IUD to do it a third time and leave the IUD behind. Did I mention that this was without pain meds (aside from OTC stuff from home) because doctors still don’t believe that women have enough nerve endings to feel pain down there in the 2020s?

Anyway, this was basically excruciating for the entire time it was happening. While inserting the IUD, it seemed like she was having a hard time reaching the top of my uterus. I kept repeating Marbas, Marbas, Marbas in my head to focus me and distract from the pain. You see, I only asked him to make sure that it stayed in place and that I healed up nicely afterward–I didn’t think of the pain or that it would be that bad.

The procedure was finally over, and I was in a bit of a dissociative haze either from the procedure itself or from somatic memories of past trauma. They told me that a lot of women pass out and that I might want to wait a few minutes. I only wait long enough to get my clothes on and confusedly ask the nurses if I am allowed to leave–I guess I momentarily forgot that they told me I could leave when I felt ready only a few moments prior. If I hadn’t filmed off to the side to show other women what the experience was like, I still might not know.

I head to the store to pick up a few things before going home, still probably in a bit too much of a daze to properly take care of myself. When I get into my car to head home, a wizard-looking older man with white hair and a beard knocks on the front of my car to get my attention. Being a woman, I’m a bit paranoid and expect the worst, but he surprised me. He had this bizarre, knowing-smile and told me to get home safely because there was a big storm coming and he didn’t want me to be caught out in it. I thank him and promise to hurry home and stay in.

I get home and focus on eating and resting. The sky is still clear with no indication of anything in the air. Boy, did that change! The storm was wild and intense for a few hours but left no real trace after it subsided a few hours later–aside from some wayward patio furniture, that is.

I began to wonder if I had fucked up somewhere along the way, even though I was pretty sure what I had actually asked for had gone well. I sort of wanted a sign that I was on the right path. Sure enough, I was out of my walk and found a downward-pointing pentacle on a discarded bottle cap, so I felt better.

Everything went well with the IUD too. It’s still going strong, and I love the security of knowing I am protected from pregnancy.

My question to you is… Has anything similar happened to you or around you while working with the demonic divine? Any weird weather occurrences that seemingly come out of nowhere? I’m looking forward to reading your stories.

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Nice work! No weather stories here though I used to get into ritual to commune with Thor during storms.

Thanks, I’ll have to try using the weather for ritual. I’ve been meaning to get more creative with magick.