Weird Bodily Sensations

So starting last night and all of today I’ve been have these weird sensations in my body.

My body begins to tingle and buzz then it feels like another body is moving back and forth from side to side like it’s trying to get out.
The only other time I’ve had this feeling was once when I fell asleep to a lucid dreaming track and woke up with the same sensations only more intense.Plus I was seeing all purple.

I just started doing some Kundalini exercises a few days ago,some chakra work,and a lot more energy work.

Could this be just my vibrational energy rising or am I on the verge of astral projection?
I tried an astral projection exercises last night when I started feeling the sensations but no success.

Any advice?


I would say keep going for your original goals, those you had when you started the exercises. Anything else you learn along the way is a bonus. It could be a one off random event, so experience will reveal the actual effects as you continue and reflect on what you can do consistently. It could also be your awareness opening up to things that were already present before but that were locked in your unconscious.

I had the same types of things happen when I started energy work, vibrations, sensations and tingling. Once they became consistent I was able to learn to move and direct them. Initially with breathing and visualization, eventually with intent alone. This can lead to things like controlling your body temperature or relaxation to such an extent that you can operate in freezing temperatures (temporarily) without shivering, modifying your heart rate, etc.

Along these lines I recommend a book called ‘The Future of the Body’ by Michael Murphy which outlines some things people have learned to do. It doesn’t give instructions but it is a researchers sincere work on whats possible. Pushing past the limitations of the accepted norm for what our bodies can become.

I had similar sensations when I first started energy work. Like NariusV said, don’t get too distracted by them, since they usually fade after a bit. Robert Bruce says (in Energy Work) is that most people feel these sensations initially, but then they fade as your body becomes accustomed to the awake energy centers being active, and that was my experience as well. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “Wow, I used to feel all these powerful, physical sensations, but now I don’t feel anything, so I must be doing something wrong. I guess I’ll stop doing the exercises.” Instead, just keep doing the meditations, as you’re still benefiting from them, which you’ll be able to see in overall energy levels and magical effectiveness after a couple of months.

Incidentally, Bruce calls the phenomenon of seeing all purple a “Brow Center Strobe” and suggests it’s somewhat common. I haven’t had that experience myself, but I would certainly connect it to activity at the Ajna chakra.

I got the answer I was looking for