Weird black substance in my fridge?

Tonight as I was cooking dinner, I noticed something off in my fridge. My horseradish bottle was upside down, with the lid all crooked and there was this black substance all over it.

I checked the expiration date and it was fine. The inside of it was fine too. It didn’t look like anything had spilled out either. I checked the rest of my fridge to see if anything spilled. The only other two places that had this substance were the place where the bottle was sitting…

And a little bit on my mustard bottle.

There was nothing else in the fridge that had this. I googled it to see what it could be, but the only answer I got was something about yeast, but the horseradish I have doesn’t have yeast in it. It didn’t have any scent, and there was no way in Hell I was going to taste it.

Any idea what this could be? I’m stumped.

It looks like something oily dripped down it and then dried… but the drip pattern says it was the right way up when that happened. Is there nothing on the top?

Nope. Nothing on top. Nothing on the bottom either.

How much time passed between you noticing this and the last time you noticed it in it’s normal state?

Ectoplasm lol

I’d say roughly a couple of days. Maybe more? No more than a week, though.

I thought you needed special equipment to see ectoplasm.

I mean, fridges work by taking the moisture out of the air in them so that’s consistent with a natural process at at least. Does it smell or taste of anything you recognise or would even have in your house, like olive oil? (It’s a bit green).

Once the probable is eliminated, the improbable must be the truth.
^ Oh I got a 11:11 on that.


I double checked, and it doesn’t have a smell or a taste period.

Agreed. And nice!

That rules out balsamic vinaigrette then! :smiley:
That’s one hell of a physical manifestation if that’s what it is. I’d be looking over my shoulder for the rest of the poltergeist activity to start.

Hmn… The magikal use of horseradish is purification and exorcism according to
Someone doesn’t like it in your fridge? Or wants you to use it? Could go either way. Or be something else.

But it’s a start for divination into the matter.



If that is what’s happening, I’m going to have to say goodbye to my smaller objects like my car keys until I get this situated.

Interesting use of horseradish. But why would it mark the mustard too?

But yeah, divination is in order.



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i was gonna say mold but i dont think it is maybe it something ominus

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I was all set to berate you for being a slob :stuck_out_tongue: but my gut feeling is to get rid of it and don’tbuy anything like it again until you work out why it happened.


Same here :joy:
If it’s of spiritual in origin, I’d expect you’d be able to sense energy on it. Could be worth giving it a read, its a starting point at least.

Dont think this is much related, but last night I was shopping for extra dipping sauces for my Duck I was making and I ended up buying Dijon and a bottle of horseradish. Never actually used it as there was enough flavor to the food. My thoughts are maybe a spirit influenced the grabbing of our attention to such items.

Anyway my thoughts on it are… It would appear it came from the horseradish bottle as its running down from the lid. General rule…if its a funky substance like horse radish…then its prone to produce a funky smell or mold when it either ages or something else goes wrong.

My other thoughts are that:

  1. you are a spirit medium…meaning spirits more easily have access to you.

  2. you were possessed and were sleep walking craving Horse Radish and mustard…this would explain the crooked lid and why it was upside down. Because it was upside down the juices leeked out and being exposed to the refrigerator air turned black? And maybe exposed to Ectoplasm may have influenced it turning black as water acts as a medium to energy, as our bodies are mostly made of water.