Weird-ass vision

I was laying down when some imagery came to me. The imagery that came to me was a close up of my head. On my head I had a large sideways eye open in the middle of my forehead. And then something emerged out of that third eye. They were basically like orange octopus tentacles? Anyone know what this means? Would be pretty helpful.


I think it may have been an example of Eva’s Law, “when you do weird stuff, expect weird stuff to start to happen” - I mean, tentacles coming out of your third eye isn’t that weird,in the context of magick (obviously a bit embarassing if it happened in real life in the library or something!).

I grew bat wings I could feel and sometimes they’d manifest spontaneously, other people have had wings form as well.

The main way you can find out what it means is to discover what they can do. :+1:


Is your sacral open and healthy? If not maybe work on it. It can affect the Ajna.


Its probably actually pretty overactive.

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The sacral dumps into the third eye when it’s overactive. That’s why the orange tentacles in your third eye made me think that. It could be the way your mind is processing a hint to balance your chackras out. Has your third eye been pulsing? When this happened to me my third eye would pulse.

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Yes but I’ve just recently opened mine

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I figured. To me the image indicates the extra energy is spilling out. Which makes more sense if it’s open.

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