Weird ass spirits

ok so a couple of weeks ago i felt a presence that wouldn’t leave even through the cleansing i did and it gave me its sigil. now this motherfucker followed me around every frikken where. even as i went somewhere. anyway it said itll keep all that would hinder my journey away till i was done. now i had conversation with it i was walking down the road and it had many excuses to questions i had,(meaning no real answer) and they weren’t hard questions for such a being, questions like “whats up the road” and just normal questions and it aggravated the ever living shit out of me. so i think i got rid of it however this thing seems to manifest around my house in different forms, once as a girl in a white dress another time a full tall dark black figure and other times ill just hear random shit and then see it running into my temple. what can i do to figure out what it wants cause it wont tell me itll just remain silent if i try to talk to it

Honestly, I’m not sure that trying to figure out what IT wants is the best approach here, it’s staying silent and not exactly stepping up to talk business, I think you should just banish its ass, the astral planes are as full of moochers, stalkers and weirdoes who don’t have a “life” so want to fuck with yours as any downtown urban area.

That’s JMO, I see a lot of people who’ve trained as healers and done the core shamanism thing go the route of putting what spirits want first, and they often get led a merry dance. Any relationship should be mutually beneficial IMO or it’s not worth having.

If it happens to be a front for a serious spirit who’s trying to contact you (and is just acting like a dick for some inexplicable reason) then banishing them now shouldn’t prevent them stepping up to work with you later on. But “haunting” you like some low-rent horror movie bad guy is just not cool.

i thought about banishing it but my curiosity exceeds my judgment, the fact that it may know i want to figure it out may have kept the back door open.
but your opinion has made me think more on it

You could bind it to an item, such as a stone or ring. That way you could benefit from it. Only thing to be careful of is that it’s not malicious. I’ve encountered spirits in the past that just seemed a little weird and turned out to be real annoyances.

that what this one seems to be, however i tried an evocation of azazel yesterday and it seemed as if the spirit kind of backed off, not sure why but it seems like it did, i however know not one damn binding spell. i found a few websites but then again the only thing i can practice on is that annoying ass spirit. any suggestions?

If it backed off from Azazel, who helps humans with ascent and is generally professional and powerful, I’d take it as a sign this thing is just a moocher and banish it, not bind it to anything.

This is just my opinion but it sounds like it’s a time-waster and trying to bamboozle you and milk attention with flashy manifestations, while not offering you anything helpful - to many spirits “attention” from us is a really desirable currency, and they’ll milk all they can get. IMO stay with the known beings from the grimoires, such as Azazel, for now, until you have more abilities and can come at it on your own terms - if it’s still even around by then.