Weird arm feeling after blood sigil

Hey everyone. Yesterday I tried the sigil thing to try and make my wish to Zagan heard. One thing I did was spread my blood onto the sigil. Today the arm which I gave blood from feels strange. It feels slightly numb and tingly, drained almost. It feels like I just did a good arm workout two days ago or that I slept on my arm weird. It’s only on the arm I took my blood from. It’s been like this 12+ hours now. I know it’s not infection, the cut was small and I cleaned it far more than I would for getting even bigger injuries. There is nothing else I did that would really explain this feeling.

Does anyone know what this means?

Today I meditated while reciting Zagan’s enn until I got into a very tranced state. I am not sure if this is just my own thought speaking or if this was maybe Zagan communicating. What I think I heard was basically that I did not provide anything for Zagan except my blood. Because it wants something from me and I gave it this link by allowing it my blood I feel like it is eating some of the energy from my arm. If this is true I feel incredibly blessed that it would take time to interact with me and I would offer more. I am just not too sure if I am approaching this from a completely clear point of view, and if I am fully understanding what is happening. I am getting a tarot card reading in the next few days so hopefully I can learn something.

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Did you cut too deep and fuck up a vein or artery?

No, I’m sure that I didn’t. The amount of blood was pretty small, no more than 5 mL I’m guessing.

I’m not sure if maybe this is placebo from my desire of results? Yet the feeling remains whether I focus on it or change tasks for an hour or two.