Weightloss... funny

I’m promising myself that every other “tomorrow” I’m starting my fight with those several lbs that I want to get rid off. But then something tasty just pops up infront of my eyes… I don’t suffer about it, I’m sure that in the coming days I’ll succeed and I just enjoy food for now.

But that situation reminded me of something that I had forgotten long time ago. In my 20ies a gf of my brother cursed me. I don’t know what kind of work she did to me but all of a sudden I lost my job, lost my bf and although I was eating enormous quantities of food I started to loose weight with the speed of light. For less than a month I became so thin that some friends wouldn’t even recognize me. We all lived together at that time - me, my brother and his gf. One day my brother and her they had a big quarrel and she packed her stuff and left. On the following day i have found an enormous needle in my pillow. It actually pricked me when I layed on my pillow. In my country this is a well known dead magic during which the victim starts to loose weight out of nowwhere and finally … when becomes as thin as needle just dies. I guess my brother’s gf wanted me dead since this was the only way for me to lose that 1/2 of the house that me and my brother owed. So that she wouldn’t need to live with me anymore. I survived I guess​:joy:. But I was thinking if there is any not so baneful way of eating whatever you want and lose weight​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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That hits so damn close home to me. I totally understand you.

Also, I’m interested in your question (I don’t have an answer, tho), so I’ll be following the thread.

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Intermittent fasting.


@ReyCuervo although I think that she used somebody’s services she was not that smart. She dropped infront of us “well me and … (my brother) we don’t even have to buy a house. When Lil gets married she’d go to live with her husband and the house would be all ours!” to which as long as I remember I answered something like “I am not in a hurry to get married and even if I was there is a big opportunity to invite my future husband to live here, just like my brother invited you”. Then she brought up the heavier artillery…

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The weight loss despite eating could be due to organ failure so please don’t try to replicate that. :scream_cat:

The best way to eat what you want and lose weight is to avoid all the foods which unnaturally stimulate appetite, that’s usually going to be starches or sugars combined with fat, you won’t usually get fat eating meat or fish and green veg for example, but it’s very easy to gain weight eating burgers, fries, and ice cream.

Once you cut out the stuff designed to make you eat more than you need, it’s much easier to eat normally, feel full, and stop.

I always recommend this site, they drill down into the science behind intermittant fasting, low carb, etc., which gives you info on what parts will work for you, and why:


Thanks for that link, gonna read it too.

Just like you said, it’s best to eat real food. If you need burgers etc., just make them yourself and use good ingredients.


Thank you @Lady_Eva @anon10524665

I usually eat fish and vegetables but I live next to a patisserie… I guess the odour when they start to prepare the daily production at 6 a.m. in the morning is not my best friend🤣 However I’ll find a way to block my nose or use more insence at home😂 Again - thanks.


I lost a bunch of weight to organ failure 2 years ago, would not recommend.