Weight gain help

I’ve seen posts that offer help with losing weight, but I need help gaining weight and keeping it.

I suffer from anorexia nervous due to past trauma and find it very hard to stay a healthy weight. I am 5’2 and because of stress throughout the month I am down to 79 pounds, when normally I stay around 85.

I do all I can to limit stress and do not take medications due to addiction issues. I get almost ok, then stress happens and boom, back down goes the weight. Doctors want to put me on anti anxiety meds but I refuse to go through that again.


If you’re trying to gain weight, high-calorie meals with a lot of protein helps. Eat one big meal a day, with a lot of red meat and grains/starches. That’s the sort of diet powerlifters and sumo wrestlers eat when they’re bulking up.


I would if I could. I find it almost impossible to have any kind of appetite and am unable to eat. I love food though, cooking, baking… but when stressed I cannot even eat the cake I bake.

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Sometimes you gotta force yourself to eat it. When you’re body is hungry but stress makes it hard, usually once you force a bit down, your appetite returns.

Try apetamin…it is a vitamin syrup that increases your appetite. You can either get the tablets or the syrup.

I too suffered from trauma…and that made gain weight from 96lbs to 115lbs.


I dont’ know how much can this help, but here there are my 2 cents:

I was underweight (between 154.3 and 167.6 lb at 6.3 height, the doctors recomended at least 198) , and too nervous to eat.

I tried forcing myself to eat but I’ve found that drinking a LOT of mass gainers (450 / 500 kcal per shaker) helped most. Also sugar helps with spiking insuline, wich helps in keeping the hunger higher.

For the stress part, i found that meditating helped me a lot in putting everything in prospective, so that the forcing part became “more digestible” (sorry fo the pun).
I hope this helps,
best of luck for everything!


Yep try with protein shakes , don’t like food that much either but il drink one rly fast


If you like tea you can try caraway, yarrow, fennel, blueberry, sage, lavender, dandelion, currant or elderberry for example. They are said to awaken or increase your appetite.

Make sure you buy the real herb, not just a tea made from artificial flavours.


Buy a mass gainer seriously it’s a protein powder with 1,000+ calories , make a shake a day with other food .

Liquid calories help you gain weight since they don’t make you feel full.

Avoid coffee and eat whenever you can , if you start fasting for hours after waking up then your appetite is not going to kick in


Worked for me :+1:


I took a supplement containing ashwaganda for a while that regulates cortisol and Seemed to work well to get rid of stress, When your stress is chronic, your brain gets hard wired to that condition and it stays that way. Ashwaganda can help to reverse it. The specific thing I took is Now Super Cortisol Support


Went from 130-190 in couple years with it lol , that’s real magick


Hello there I hope you doing well!
Well weight gaining is actually taking more calories than you use on a basic day for a man it is 2200 kcal and woman 1800 at most 2000 kcal.
If you use allot of energie because work or other things in a basic day than you have to take more calories on a day.
If you have difficulty with eating I food I suggest you to buy a ‘ weight gainer’ shake
But keep in mind this shake work at his best with a healthy dieet
But my personal suggestion is… if you have difficulties than this is a good solution temporarily!
After try to take these calories from real food!



Okay, you have very good advice here.

What I can add is to work the magick along what people here is telling you. To get to a healthy weight your best friend is the goddess Artemis. She is prefect for woman who lift or work out in any other way (yes, yoga probably included).

Try to get her hymn and summon her, explain your issues. Trust me, she’ll help you.


This is a slightly invasive question but judging by your profile I have to ask: do you engage in what could be described as “rough” sex often? I ask because rough sex is an absolute calorie drainer, so if you are looking to maintain weight you would probably have to cut back on that until you have started consuming 200-300 calories over your basic intake of 2000. The same goes for smoking, if you indeed do.

When I was having trouble gaining weight I had to eat far more calories than my gender-recommended intake because I had a fast metabolism and I was working out. I was consuming around an additional 700-900 calories a day. In time, I managed to put on an extra couple of stone. Just have plenty of carb-loaded meals, reduce highly exhaustive activities, and don’t count your carbs. Disconnect, enjoy yourself and indulge. If you do this for 6-8 months you will gain weight.


Had the same problem . Best of wishes for you
When I didn’t have appetite and could not eat even a slice of bread I found it easier to drink .
So would really recomand milkshake of fruits, vegetables, cereals etc
And take care at your morning routine ! Don’t smoke or drink coffee on your empty stomach
As you wake up drink some lemon water !


No I do not often engage in any sex, actually. I am more of a cuckold/chastity Mistress, so yeah. :wink: I focus more on the mental aspect of sub/Dom relationships than physical. I like to transmute shame into pleasure and freedom for those who fear judgement. I allow them an outlet that is both safe and non judgemental.

Your words are very much appreciated. :black_heart: I am currently on high carb intake as well as weight gain shakes, so I am back up to 85.6! Yay!!! Gonna try to add more calories each day though and see how it works. Oh, and I don’t smoke cigarettes, just My green stuff :leaves:


What does that mean, you make guys cuckold themselves? :open_mouth:


@StrengthenedWarrior You sound interested :rofl: