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This is the real and true, one and only Infernally Grown and Eternally Harvested 100% God-meat E.A. Koetting, back on my verified account!

When Covid-19 hit, I wanted to do whatever I could to hit back even harder, so on top of doing more videblogs, contributing more written materials to various projects, prepping for my next earth-shattering mega-program hopefully by next year, I knew that there was more I could do… more I NEEDED to do with my limited time and infinite energy, so I started doing weekly Wenesday YouTube Live Chats. At first, it seemed like a productive way to use my time, and to help other people use their time, instead of just sitting around the house worrying and feeling trapped. I planned to do these for a few weeks, or until most of the world was back to work and back to life, but as I charged deeper into my own vision and understanding of things, it didn’t take long for me to understand that Kansas isn’t back there anymore… we have literally stepped so deeply into the Infernal Empire that there’s no turning back and going home. Of course, like any virus, this is going to be something we’ll adapt to, and we’re going to get back to work and life, but I think most of us on this forum can agree that we cannot return to the world that existed in February.

So, I just kept doing these Live Chats every week, and I have fallen in love with the process, with the connection, seeing the same people with awesome questions, seeing the same trolls being blocked, and seeing new people popping in and having their entire world-view shifted by something I say or do. What I love most about doing live chats, in contrast to my videoblogs, writings, or course materials, is the raw unscripted nature of it. I have a couple props like my singing bowl, my dingy bell, and a cup of coffee or water, and I usually have a very general topic I try to tie my message for the day into, but aside from that it is just me being me, interacting with you, no notes, no scripts, no bullet-points, just being totally in the moment, usually running well beyond any time window I imagined to impose.

In short, I love these Live Chats and I’d like to keep doing them indefinitely. I’m live on my YouTube channelevery wednesday at 2 pm Eastern, and we have good time together.

So, feel free to jump in the chatroom and say hi, and ask ANY question you want to ask. I have literally left my sanity so far back on the path that I’ve leaned all the way in to being way too honest all the time.

If you’re not able to squeeze the time in between the brunches and the business lunches and the boardroom banter to be there live, but you have a question that you’re DYING to ask me, go ahead and post it as a comment here, and I’ll look through them before jumping on, and if you’ve got a great question, I’m certain I’ll be able to give you a great answer, and you can watch it on the replay!

Thank you every single one of you, whether you love me or hate me, or are apathetic entirely, your’e still here, and you’re still engaged, and the Powers of Darkness are with you, as they are with me, and I know we can all feel how strong the magnetism is getting. The last ten years has seen more expansion in the occult arts than at any other recorded moment in history, but that was just the sound of the Infernal rail gun heating up; The next five years are going to make the word “impossible” disappear from our vocabulary. This Awakening isn’t just happening around us, nor is it just happening to us…this is all happening for us, by us, through us, AS us!

Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s working, and if we can just amplify that 1% a day, we’ll break through all barriers together!

Jump on my livecast, subscribe to my channel, buy some of my stuff if you want to, but most importantly, Keep Pushing Magick Deeper, aiming for 1% progress every single day!

Thank you again!



P.S.: Please accept my apology for any confusion caused by my fumbling around with my forum account last week. I’m a pretty regular lurker here,which doesn’t require me to login, so I basically locked my keys in my forum account. I created a temporary user account while Timothy and I got my verified account reactivated. I’d be lost in the digital desert without Timothy helping me navigate through it. Thanks Timothy!


I laughed so hard at this. We are just a bunch of sure protective regulars on this forum. :two_hearts::woman_shrugging:t2:


Hey, man.

I would like to use this thread to thank you for giving us this forum, it has been the absolute best resource for me.

I don’t think I have much to contribute, but I wanted to thank you.

So… the next five years, eh? Well, maybe I started at the right moment anyway and not too late as I was thinking.


Rules are rules :triumph:



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I was extra as always :woman_shrugging:t2: But I am really product of us honestly. Because troll could actually do that. It will be major balls. And I would wanna watch the out come though… :popcorn:


Thank you for all that you do, EA. Your work has helped lay the foundations for much of my own practice, and I am immeasurably grateful.


Cool beans.

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Keep up the good work, @E.A. :+1:


You know, when I saw how quickly you guys recognized the difference in my temp account, and how some of you instantly jumped into action to shut down a potential copycat, it was a full validation that I have found my tribe, that I’m on the path with the right people, and it was so awesome to see that you guys were not going to let that slide by without questioning it.

I could feel a literal shroud of protection that many of you have placed over me in that moment, and Lucifuge’s words came back “An Emperor does not rule his Empire, an Emperor serves his Empire.” I’m not quite an Emperor yet, but I am honored to serve this group of sharp, intelligent, discerning, powerful and courageous people!

I also am so impressed by this forum, and I have not earned the right to receive thanks for any of it. We have the best moderators in the world keeping things running smoothly, and as far as the amazing content here… this forum is seriously a one-stop-shop for magickal information, and you guys are the ones doing it. So, thank you!!!


That’s because you created something worth not only protecting but also fighting for. I found myself and who I truly am through forts your videos and then this forum. It’s worth fighting for.


@Lady_Eva . Lady Eva to aisle 7, please.
For real, kudos to this eternal source of patience on here.


For a second I was like wait moderator(s)? and had to check if there was others. Had a slow moment.


LadyEva @Lady_Eva came to mind when I read this. I do not know how she makes out time to moderate and come in when needed. And of course DarkestKnight @DarkestKnight, no new memebrs without proper introduction can pass him.


Look in the mirror - member-moderation is what the goal’s been on here since 2017, that stuff with the other account was just a drop in the ocean of how well and how cleanly it works to keep the forum defended - an immune system, not just a few lone people with the tools. :+1:

Dozens of eyes and the tools to use them, and that is via Timothy moving to this platform. :smiley:


Silently marks the day on my calendar as the first time I saw a new post from E.A. in almost 2 years I’ve been around

Thank you for your work, you’ve helped many of us to take something “yours” and evolve it into something “ours”.


Oh come on. Is this the bear that says “Who can prevent forest fires? - YOU can!”-moment? I wasn’t ready…!


Ah yes, the good old immune system on here!


Took me a moment to register this in my mind then, oh deary me.

Anyway, thanks for the work you do, EA. You’re an inspiration :pray: