Weed witch on a road trip need help

hey everyone :slight_smile:

My boyfriend and I practice witchcraft, the best we can, and also like to use weed. We are going on a roadtrip today for 5 day arround old forest of Quebec, canada. We want to make some spell or ritual during our roadtrip :slight_smile: bu we dont have so much idea… I can just use 3 things from my grimoire :l does someone here want to help us and give some idea ? ^^

I will really appreciate it ^^

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Depends entirely on what goal you wanna accomplish or what you wanna focus on.
Evocation is the first that comes to mind for me and being in the forest why not Pan perhaps might aswell be suitable as today midsummers eve is celebrated


ooh great idea ! :slight_smile:

we are open to anyhting for now :slight_smile: we will see day to day what we can do

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If you identify with the Selkies, and you will be near the coast, or maybe the Nunavik region where there are freshwater seals during the trip, maybe see if you can get in touch with them, see what they have to teach you?


Ooh that would be great !! Sadly, I will only be in Québec. But for another road trip for sure !! I like the idea :slight_smile:

Um, @Selkie? … those locations are in Quebec.

If you follow the link, the first thing is says is
“The Loups Marins chain of lakes in Quebec’s Nunavik region is so vast it’s almost like an inland sea”

And Quebec is on the coast.

Are you talking about some other Quebec, Canada that isn’t bordering the Atlantic ocean and doesn’t contain the Nunavik region?

Oh, sorry i didnt know :o i was thinking that you was talking about the Nunavut ! Sorry ^^’
Mh well we will see if we can go there then :slight_smile: