Weather Spells

Does anyone study weather magick? How could I use the elements to control the weather? Does anyone know how to conjure a thunderstorm or wind? Making wind blow on command?

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When I was younger I’d do this thing of visualising the sky, then I’d pull it into my head so when I rolled my eyes up I could see it, then I’d imagine the clouds kind of dissolving away to let the sun through.

This was mostly at weekends and holidays when we were going for a walk, to a funfair or picnic or whatever, and I woke up to rain, which, this being England, can be any time of year.

It seemed to work, I never kept records but lots of times there had been bad weather forecast that suddenly cleared up.

Then I got to an age where walks and picnics and stuff seemed less interesting, and I’ve not been able to repeat it since…

I’m 90% certain I was doing something though, and that’s the method I used.


I have very similar childhood stories, but in reverse. I visualized mist and clouds instead of clear sky…


Yes, but this comes natural to me. I don’t do any spells or recite any incantations, I discovered by accident that I was able to manipulate thunder storms, wind, rain, and even lightning using only my thoughts. I almost sat the house on fire a few months ago brewing up a lightning storm because I was trying to see how powerful I could make the storms and I unintentionally struck the house with lightning. I burnt the wall under a light switch, charred it black, the fire alarm went off, destroyed several electronics because I was only focusing on the strength of the lighning, I didn’t even think of where I wanted the lightning to go. So you have to be careful toying around with the elements.

I just had to film something I was hired to film and it was pouring the rain, this was a quick outdoor event and I was like, my new camera is going to get ruined in this and It was not a cheap purchase. I was thinking of how badly I wanted the rain to stop. Just then it stopped and only stopped during the length of my filming. The second I was done filming and was almost inside, the rain started pouring again.


Although I haven’t done it too much, and it’s not an individual spell per se, I think I can give you a little insight. I prefer to let nature “run its own course” unless I have the need to alter it. I usually do not.
But very recently there was a big storm in my country. In some places it twisted trees out of the ground, gale-force winds, torrential rain and hail, that sort of stuff. So needless to say when I noticed it heading our way I had to take precautions against any possible property damage.

First off I grabbed Hagalaz out of my amazonite runestone set, and turned it merkstave (basically the “negative” meaning of the rune, if you’re unfamiliar with it) between my fingers. By this time, the wind blew hard enough that I had to balance myself against it a bit sometimes. I gazed up into the clouds, visualizing a giant Hagalaz rune, towards which I reached up and turned that merkstave too - accompanied by hand motions -, while continuously commanding the forces and concepts that Hagalaz represents to wane and fade.
After this, I commanded the air elementals of the storm to avoid my village, and to not cause any harm. I used this while evoking the authority of King Paralda, and with the usage of the word Exarp. The wind was gradually silenced for 10 minutes or so, but it started back up again, so I repeated the whole procedure, also correcting my previous statement; I “allowed” some rain but only nurturing and not destructive amounts.
At some point, don’t know exactly when, the thunderstorm split into two, revealing the upper, much more friendlier looking cloud levels. I even took some pics because I was surprised at the effectiveness. The northern part of the storm sort of stopped before our village, and the stormclouds that went on to the south completely dispersed after 15 or so minutes. It rained a little during the night.
A friend who also practices magic has taken to calling me Cloudsplitter, hah!

I don’t know how others would manage, because I have a natural affinity to the elements via a past life, and I renewed my relationship with the Kings in this life too. But these are the tools and methods I used, hope I could help.

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Do you love what you are creating? First, love the weather you wish to create. Go out. Stand in that weather. Feel it, smell it, taste it…merge your awareness with the experience. Embrace it as a lover. There is no you, or it, there is only the one/both joined and inseparable. Now, when you want that weather remember that experience. Re-enter that state to the fulles degree. Hold it for a short time (usually 30 sec. to a minute or two), think about EXACTLY what you want (an undisciplined mind will cause serious trouble here), how much from which direction, how long, etc. Hold the feeling and “watch” it take root in reality. Release it to the world and return to your normal state. This can also be done in reverse, touch an existing storm and reduce it, or define an area and describe what you want to happen within that place. It is not your thoughts that do this, but your awareness, your whole self expressed through emotional/sensual language. Thoughs are an impediment. Stop thinking and the work gets ten times easier.


the best weather spells are the ones you didn’t expect. they’re the atmospheric effects that occur before during and after your magic rituals.

about the weather…i do remember in Ottawa ON, there was a huge storm, thunder…for long time…it could not stop and so loud, well i did not realize the source. but it became quite oppresive and too violent, in that case, rare, since i have witness many for years…i have decided this was ENOUGH!!! annoying too loud noise. I ran on my knees on the floor, i screamed so loudddddddd and i realized my voice left Earth and passed through many lights years within seconds…Enough! and to stop this…through a call, not from Earth. I was heard! and within seconds after my voice travelled faster than the speed of light, the storm and its agression and violence…suddendly stopped immediately. I realized my impact. but it require some work…it needed me to start the first action and to get into the action against the storm…I will never forget this event, the violence behind that storm…

There was this one man who I knew who was a Theosophist, and he has a remarkable control over the weather. One day, his family and I were getting ready for a walk and it started to rain, bad. So, he went down to the basement, where his altar was. And he spent less than a couple minutes meditating. The rain stopped almost immediately. He came back up and we went on the walk and I was like, “How did you do that?”

it happens for me automatically when i do a ritual that really connects. either the temperature drops by 10 degrees celsius the next day, or i get really hard sunshine afterward. i also get a huge pickup of wind before and sometimes during rituals. the winds have been strong enough to knock over my entire ritual props and snuff candles. however, there have been times when the winds would immediately stop when i did rituals where i lit candles outside. it varies greatly. sometimes it’s a bother. i did a ritual to malphas a couple of years ago where i had 3 days of heavy rains before i was supposed to do my ritual and i ended up conjuring in the rain! when i got home i had to throw my shoes away because they were soaked so thoroughly with mud and water. that used to happen to me OFTEN and let’s say it gets old quick. i’ve also had situations where it rained so hard the rain caused sinkholes to collapse a few times. i rarely conjured for those things to happen, they happen as a matter of course.

go easy when you do weather magick. it gets out of control very easily.

especially watch out when you conjure for thunder and lightning. i found this out the hard way a few years ago.

a well-known magician challenged me by saying i couldn’t do shit with my magick. so i said fuck it. i’m going to make lightning happen over my city and take pics to send to her. so i began broadcasting. about 3 hours later a friend of mine said lightning was tearing central tennessee apart out of nowhere, no rain just thunder. i thought to myself, that’s not where i wanted it to happen. wtf? so i broadcast all night.

woke up the next morning and checked. thunder clouds covered tennessee and there was lightning in a huge arc across the midwest all the way up into western canada. over my city nothing, the sky was clear. it got cooler, but no clouds. i thought what the fuck.

then shit began to hit the fan.

over the next couple of weeks the news would JAR me no matter where i went it was like people turned on the news and immediately the newscaster was about twice as loud as before. i’ve done this long enough to know i was getting my message through.

the newscasters told stories about mudslides, flash floods, and tornadoes happening all across the midwest and prairies. my magick gets into the news. when it was all said and done, many people lost their homes and some lost their lives. all for me and my fucked up ego trying to prove my magick actually fucking works!

i asked andrieh vitimus about the goings-on and he said yeah, be careful with that, weather magick affects large areas and in order for the weather to be one way in one part of the world, it takes energy away from other parts of the world. i cut that ritual off. i didn’t see my lightning but destroying entire regions of people’s lives is NOT worth an ego display.

2 years ago in the winter i decided to test my magick out in a completely different area. i thought to myself, let me see if i can make it rain in the sahara desert. the sahara desert is over a region where air rises instead of falling and it is almost impossible for it to rain in the area i chose. so i began sending energy and watched satellite guides to see if clouds would form. i watched for two weeks and i did see SOME cloud activity over the area. it looked to me like there was some light sprinkling. however, again. when i looked over the atlantic ocean the middle of the ocean was COVERED!!! with storm clouds the entire time, the cloud cover more than doubled during those two weeks. also, the cloud cover doubled over europe and europe was covered in clouds at the time. but what made me stop again was when a cold front moved down in north america from the north pole over the east coast. it got REALLY fucking cold. again, my magick gets in the news. and again. when i realized that i was causing weather disturbances that fucked a lot of people over. i apologized and called it off. i still to this day don’t know if it rained in the sahara, but weather is funny and i don’t want to go causing hurricanes or tsunamis in the middle of fucking january! BE CAREFUL when you do weather magick.

if you still want to do weather work, see if you can track down jacob sockness’ inugan prophecy. i got a copy of it back in 2009 directly from jacob, but he seems to have disappeared and i haven’t found it anywhere else online. he and his other students had a bunch of rituals in it that have kind of disappeared. he has weather rituals using the elements for everything from cold to heat to rain, even earthquakes. again be careful. even in his grimoire it tells you if you do too much weather magick you can destabilize a region. weather magick is easy to do, but it’s also easy to OVERdo. STUDY weather patterns before you try to change them so you minimize the damage. this stuff actually works so tread carefully.


I think forming a relationship first is an important factor. I made a pact with a Thunderstorm – that I would be protected during every storm during my lifetime so long as I honor and watch every t-storm and write poems and tell other people not to fear it.

I sensed the storm as an energy, or a thoughtform, like a daemon that desired to be appreciated and recognized, not feared.

I’m only saying this is one way to approach weather magick – to make friends with the entities that are the winds or storms etc. etc. and then call upon them for whatever you may desire them for, even if it is to bathe in their waters or to watch them through your window.


Weather magic I’d fairly linked in with other forms of magic, making the wind blow is a form of telekinesis, and conjuring a thunderstorm is made easier if you understand how to command lesser spirits.
The sky isn’t a spirit or living thing, but you can still command it and control it. For a thunder storm you’ll want to saturate the sky with your own energy then command it to form a thunder storm as you would command a lesser spirit to carry out a task. As you become more experienced you’ll be able to do this faster, until you can just channel a storm into existence.
Wind is a simple form of telekinesis. Just ‘grab’ the air and direct it where you want with the force you want


with wind I’ve noticed when I face my palm upward and raise my arm the wind will grow stronger but I have to focus my energy on that arm

if anyone can help me get some big, fat thunderstorms in London I would love them eternally.

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I made a ritual for it here.