Wearing Iron Necklace Bad Effects!

Hello I weared a iron pentagram and sigil of lucifer when I took it off I felt beter I think that its about the iron mixing with my energy and that spirits hate it please share.

Do you have a picture of it? For some reason I am having doubts that it was actually made of iron unless you had it custom made. Most metal pendants are made of either Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, Pewter, or mild steel.

I think it is stainles steel isnt it Iron

I think they are protective but somehow I dont feel well like a bit dizzi low energy I think and heath chakra a little blocked

Iron is used to make steel, as it’s an alloy of iron and carbon. Adding chromium makes it Stainless Steel. These alloys do not have the same properties of the base metal, iron. So I highly doubt it’s that. Even then, unless you work with the Fae then iron should not have any interference with your energy at all.

That being said, if you really think it’s the necklaces then there is probably some lingering energy on them. I would perform a standard cleansing ritual on them. That should fix things.

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should I put them in salt water

Thats a bad idea. Even Stainless Steel isn’t impervious to salt water. I would just use incense smoke, or wrap it in cloth and cover it in salt.


Thank you :slight_smile: can it be due to the upside down pentagram I read all kinds of stuff

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No. I wear one daily. You likely just need to cleanse them. Cleansing yourself in a salt bath as well may help too.


I did that also thank you :))


Update:: on my condition :slight_smile: I feel very well and my drive is good also I was losing my drive for life when wearing them, I bought the Lucifer sigil second hand could it be cursed or something the pentagram was new I am positive that it was from them they are in salt now and I will not use them again. I had a simmilar feeling when I kept multiple sigils open at a time like there was an energy buble around my head that was making me exhausted.

Also something to note that is interesting when I start feeling unease for a few days and I give my spirit offering I feel good again does anyone else have that.