Do you guys know what weapons you could use against demons? I’m dealing with a demonic attachment and I’m trying to figure out what weapons I could use on it

A nunchuck. Demons hate nunchucks.



Bazooka’s too right?


Your own Will as God Incarnate. Nothing is more powerful.


Yeah, the headless rite is good for that.


Are you Sure? Demons have families have emotions and sentiments and… they have very important things to do. If something attacks you is some egregor or a spirit- - >use an athame or a sword empowered with magic for protection and use the Star Ruby banishing.

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The ritual of the Star Ruby.

I once touched the metal blade of a ceremonial Scottish rite Freemason sword and instantly a psychic pressure/gravity was weighing into my heart increasingly over the next hour, so much so that it literally hurt bad. I know for a fact that psychic pressure was energetic, one of the most important connections I’ve ever made to substantiate the world of magic. So I know that that sword was probably used to make a sacrifice or many, or it just absorbed all thee intense psychic magnetism of the ceremonies it was used in. But I say this because I know for a fact now that weapons can be imbued with spiritual energy. So I would say a Bible to the side of the demons head is your best bet.

How do you banish a demon already inside you?