Weapons to destroy spirits/demons

Does anyone know any type of object I can use to actually destroy a spirit/demon/angel.

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Even if you did destroy them, they can reanimate themselves. It’s rather interesting. It’s never permanent.

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Exactly! Nothing ever really dies!! But why does he want to kill a demon? Who and what?

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Even if you can kill it, it’ll only die to your perception, you can never truly kill a conscious energy, filled with power and intelligence, but even if you find a way to do that.

The second that spirit gets called it will be brought back into existence.


The Crazies :latin_cross:️

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Those are questions oriented for him.


I know they are. That is why I asked him! lol! I was just speaking to you… Not asking you specifically.

I know they will come back but experiencing death has to hurt them I would imagine in any form… What ever you where in that moment…now completely destroyed that’s what I’m trying to accomplish. If what ever comes back will be destroyed again

Phurba… Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Before you do anything make sure you know how to protect yourself.

Consider this - if a human being is murdered, does the fact someone tries to speak to them just call them back to ordinary life?

Sorry I’m not trying to be a jerk here but I have through circumstances experienced working with this, and for sure it’s not simple, it requires MANY observers, linked, plus gods and spirits, to accomplish this, but it can be done, and what is then co-created when someone calls on it will have far less power than a magician’s thoughtform, and will be even less powerful if the spirits who worked to accomplish the killing set up servitors to answer in its stead, and vampirise anything that sets up to try and fill the old location.

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Hmm interesting I see you’re point, and I don’t see you being a jerk it’s all good :blush:, but I believe that speaking a dead persons name doesn’t bring them back in a organic sense but it does with their spirit.

Now what I mean is, that we don’t really even banish entities, now let me explain I had the idea that when we banish a spirit that it’ll be gone completely.

But Ea Koetting stated something which I found quite thought provoking he said something along the lines of, " when we banish a entity you are removing all your senses away from it ".

He also stated in the Mastering Evocation Course, that when we perform a exorcism on a person, you are removing your initial focus and attention away from the spirit.

Even Asbjorn Torvol, said something around the lines of " merely thinking about something and procrastinating on a subject can actually bring about that manifestation ".

I have seen this in my work, I even contacted a
Aztecian goddess, she told me she died from the gods in flesh forgetting her name.

I don’t believe that humans can be roused from the grave but mentioning them but with merely our observation, we can call these beings back to life.

Just like in the book of necromancy by Dante Abiel, he talks about the dead gods, gods that are actualky dead, but they do still exist by being called.

Now I do agree with you on the fact that they would be less powerful, kind of like a downgraded version of that being I guess.


This is a thing I need to do a separate essay on, bear with me though because I have many irons in the fire right now! :wink:

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I once read about one or more prayers, maybe of a certain Saint, which supposedly destroys Demons. About the feasibility, let’s assume e.g. a minor effect, like a microcosmic “impact”: even in this case, there would be a degree of repercussion on the macrocosm. However, I also heard that if a spirit is destroyed, it would remain a “nucleus”; either permanently or as a reform basis.