Weaponizing The Pact {Death Magic}


This is a concept that I was inspired with by the Death Gods and it weighed heavily on my mind today.

Create a Pact and sell your Enemies Soul to the Death God in exchange for Knowledge or a Deeper ascent.

Furthermore, you can basically cause them to be a slave if the God you summon. They hence become a type of offering for them.

Write Pacts with Other Humans since they can be evoked.

Combine this with The Rite of Deification and the doors to Power swing wide open.

I’m gonna implement this concept than report the results back to y’all.

I’m also gonna start writing more on the Death Gods as well

In Sin and Blood,
Micah/Satan/Grand Demon of Ascent


I was thinking about this all day :blush::sweat_smile:


I’m sorry but while this is good in theory in practice it just does not work. Not without a lot more effort than you think it does. You either end up with the equivalent of summoning an entity to do your dirty work for you and tell them to do whatever they want to this person which will incur the normal costs of such an evocation and task on your part.

Or you end up with nothing happening. One cannot enter into a pact even as an offering without their own free will doing so in full agreement or very special and illegal circumstances. Illegal circumstances which make human sacrifice work effectively is basically a ritualistic channeling at the moment of a persons death to bind them to an entity or realm. You would still have to exert not only the energy to kill them but also the binding spells and I can guarantee that is not worth the effort for whatever knowledge you insight you might gain as what you basically end up doing is just binding the shade and not the actual essence of the person.

So in short you are just sending a being after someone through glorified evocation unless that person willingly enters into the bargain as well. It should be noted that this isn’t quite something that can be forced through domination either. Universal principles of free will and sovereignty have to be taken into account and while mental domination works for somethings it is not coercing the true will of a person which is what is needed for such a pact to work upon them and as to the selling their shade, any necromancer or death god can have more than enough and so they are a dime a dozen.

Now as to this second concept this could work but again the ones evoked need to willfully agree and this may not work for ordinary people due to the large disconnect between the varying states of consciousness. So this would best work with magicians which means you might as well just as them to astrally show up for you instead of taking the risk of tripping every defense they have by trying to conjure them.

Those are my only apprehensions here so if you do try the selling your enemies you should keep a very careful watch on yourself and your surrounding as it will no doubt incur some measure of debt on yourself for the task of tormenting the person though it might be quite subtle.

Do also keep in mind that interfering with the preordained resting place of an entities true essence as you seem to want to do can incur a lot more backlash than just about anything else. Reason being is regular death is just meh, they go to their resting place and their essence gets its dues based on their development and then more reincarnation and what not. Interfering in this though can anger beings attached to that person that are expecting and making sure they arrive in a certain afterlife setting. Not so much an issue for normal people but trying this with someone spiritually connected can bring the wrath of every entity that person has ever befriended in past lives against you unless you can reasonably convince them otherwise.

This is not like someone evoking and sending an entity after you. Majority them are a lot more fierce and powerful when they decide to act fully of their own accord without being commanded to do so and it is likely whatever you have on your side will let you get what you bring on yourself unless they very specifically requested that interference with that individual.


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@Micah well the house that just caught on fire a block away, and the gunshots and sirens happened right after you liked my comment. Made me think of you. Like I said you always know how to make me smile. :joy:

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Fuck yes

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That would be an energetic sacrifice and Uncle Chuckie does something in line what you wrote.

Thanks :metal:

Energetic Human Sacrifice


That was so damn funny I had to go P

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Especially when he made the chomping noises

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Chuckie is hillarious lmao


It is not the same at all. He is feeding on the emotional and lingering energy from the death of the individual. They are already dying from the other causes and he is not gaining power over their souls. It is no different than normal psychic vampirism just on the energy released by death and the emotions of those reacting to the event. No souls involved just energy.

I did not say soul selling, I say “something in line” please see that. And yes only if I ever said soul selling, or something identical …but I didn’t.

You are right on your comment, I agree with you. Uncle Chuckie does not sell their souls but yes their energy; the topic says weaponizing the pact and hence I saw a similarity.

@Micah said something like "Create a Pact and sell your Enemies Soul to the Death God in exchange for Knowledge or a Deeper ascent. " Uncle Chuckie in a way offers the prana energy to the demon and in return get ( or expect) the friendship of the demon with that offer.
The friendship in question may have many benefits in return; which may include also Knowledge or a Deeper ascent, why not.

The idea of weaponizing and sacrifice seemed similar to me.


Thats a fair point. Offering do not have to be physical.

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Yes though in that case it is relying on completely different mechanics than what @Micah seems intent to use. The way he phrases it seems less the vampirism and offering of energy harvested from groups of people or events and more trying to trap someone in a contract in which they have no awareness or ability to decide in which is where the flaws as I see them reside. Which is where I point out to be cautious because something like that at best will be in vain and at worse could trip something nasty. It is those few changes which make all the difference and could spell success or spectacular failure.

I do feel most of the energy Chuckie harvests though goes into himself and no doubt he is constantly feeding off the demons as well given what I have read in his blog. He basically has enough juice stored up for some impressive shit if the need calls for it. I personally don’t see Chuckie dealing much with demons in the information fashion as much as certain other beings such as Abraxas which to me is less a demon and more something else at least from what it seems to me. Perhaps I will call up Abraxas sometime myself and see. Though we all do have our favorites to barter with.

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this kinda sounds like what goes on in the music industry