can we learn to use magick to the point of being able to use it at will and be useful as a tool or weapon if needed?


I mean less of darts more like a spear hurled through their chest type thing

I meant spiritual a weapon that I could use at will should I find reason good enough

and what I want it to be able to do is cause destruction and chaos Ahmet has been teaching me how to focus an use his destructive current

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If you think you can become an astral assassin and there will be no pushback from the ancestors, guardians, and other forces that surround ALL people, you would in my experience be misguided.

You can circumvent, bargain, and create other ways to get around this, but magick won’t make you the ONLY guy taking a gun to a knife-fight.


It sounds like you have the eagerness and drive but you not only need weapons. You need tactics and strategy. Kinda like american football, you might have the biggest team and the fastest quarter back but can your coach call good plays and can the team follow through.
You need all the ingredients to make the whole cake.

well it’s like learning to fight you learn how to hit then you learn the tactics and thats what I’m trying to do

@ardinos Yes. On a basic level one of the fundamental skills you learn in various Chinese Arts is to kill instantly with a touch alone through through highly concentrated yang energy. I have begun to demonstrate some small aspect of this skill, however I am far from the lethal force stage. The guy who taught me quite a bit of what I know can do it though (apparently he seriously injured someone once with just a touch). It’s definitely possible. Beyond that the same effect is meant to be achievable through gaze, gesture or spiritual tendril. Guardians, and ancestors shouldn’t be too much of a problem at that point. It’s too dense, too concentrated to be impeded by anything more than superior firepower on your opponent’s side or some very, very powerful Spirits. It’s like trying to stop a bullet really. Except the bullet is fired directly at your targets soul. Also, if it comes to that, their are beings who can remove any guardians from your target through force.

Your could see if you could higher some soldier Demons from the pit, they be really fierce in battle, might need to check-out oriental Hell for Demon ninja assassins as well, if your going to launch an asult on the astral plane while your at it, during battle assassinate Jesus Christ and his Abramic arswipe cock sucker, it would be a battle of such triumph, you would have such storys to tell, i be behind you on this one.:+1:

@Bowling270 @ardinos The approach to cursing that we take is quite…different from a lot of others. Their are few ridiculously complicated rituals. It’s really just about concentrating your energy, and blasting whoever gets in your way. Like how you would use a gun. It’s not about launching an assault on the astral plane. You just walk up to them, touch them (or if you are at that level use a tendril or just gaze at them instead. Even the person I mentioned above isn’t at that level though), and they just drop dead. That being said I only know one person who can do this (I mean I know of a lot of people who can, but I only have actually really been in contact with one). However, if you want to curse people to death with impunity this is still probably your best bet.

He also needs statergies on this on, soldiers from the pit, Demon ninja assassin from the oriental Hell fire Demons to burn down the Heavily gates, to take out God of Abraham and his Fagot son, the amount of power we need to mount of war, i probably need to take in billions and billions of souls from purgatory, Hell ajaycent, i might have to travel to Hell tonight and need to speak to someone in charge, to get the ball rolling.:smiley:

How can I learn this? My job is security and at my age (54) I’m to old to be fighting someone more skilled and younger than I. If I can get him without touching him before the fight starts would be beneficial.

@DragonPhoenix777 I can’t teach you of course. I have a basic idea, but I am not there myself. I don’t think I can post the name of the person I am referring to here either. Not very sure if he would approve of that. Sorry. I am not very sure how to help. If there’s anything specifically that you need to know maybe I could give some tips, but I am really not qualified myself. I just know someone else who can.

@DragonPhoenix777 In my limited understanding it’s essentially a stream of yin energy followed by a blast of yang energy. The yin energy kind of sets things off. Opens them up to attack. The yang energy kills them. It’s not meant to be very technical really. It’s just energy manipulation at ridiculously high concentrations. If you can manipulate both yin and yang at sufficient concentrations that’s all the information you will probably need. I myself can manipulate yin energy to a certain degree of competency, but yang energy largely still eludes me.

Thanks I understand.

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@DragonPhoenix777 You are welcome.

I see. For the record I don’t want to kill, just stop.

Would taking up Tia Chi work the same way?

@DragonPhoenix777 That’s fine too. I am quite surprised though. This forum tends to be rather bloodthirsty overall. The power of the blast of yang energy is meant to determine the overall lethality. Of course as the unnamed person points out it’s all too easy to kill someone by accident, so keep that in mind. If it’s imperative not to kill, then it may be difficult.

True very true. But for it to ever get t that far that person would have to be trying to kill me, then all bets are off.