Wealth rituals a must ongoing. do it!

with the state of the world affecting everyone financially. Most are in dire need of wealth in their life except for the lucky ones. I suggest you people do a weekly ritual to bring wealth to you and preferably every thursday as it is the right time for wealth due to planet jupiter influence. Even if you don’t need wealth , it’s good practice to lay the foundation or the seeds to bring wealth. There may be no means of wealth getting to you as many are still in restricted lockdown city such as I. But at least casting spells for such will help when the time comes for your city to come back to normal functioning society. It never hurts to lay seeds to help your wealth. wealth spells are often never instant so casting spells ahead of time may put things in motion to bring wealth when society comes back to normal.


Great advise!

I’m new at all this so do you have any wealth rituals to share with us.

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Trying searching in this section. Tons of wealth and money rituals to browse to your heart’s content!

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Seeing as the new moon is on the 11th…


And of course you can add to this and get as crazy as you want…

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I’ve never felt the need to. I only use magick to get things I can’t get with normal means or to alter my self to obtain a trait I want or need.

you never know if someone is cursing your wealth bank account. It’s still good idea to do ongoing magick on wealth as it’s needed to survive. basic needs of money force upon us by way of society of which no one can do without money. It’s always good to have wealth working in your favor. sure you can do mundane route, however, it don’t hurt to add magick to help speed things up. That’s what rich people do. multiple streams of income. So we might as well have multiple streams of wealth attraction.

I’m sure wealthy use magick for money. just don’t tell people they do it. it may also be magick under another name such as positive affirmations or hypnosis. magick don’t have to be traditional route. It’s about the process. dont matter what you call it. prayers is considered magick form too. And i’m sure all rich people do that to some extent.

You do it too with your intention and keep thinking about your goals over and over. that’s magick too. so don’t deny you dont’ use it. even if your unaware cuz it’s under another category/label.

Just remember. thursday is the day of wealth so it’s good to choose this day for wealth related spells. It’s even mammon’s day of choice to evoke him . And you know he’s big on wealth.


It’s also the perfect day to do spells to marry a millionair Thursdays at Venus hour

often times the two are the same. this is my main method of magick as well.