Wealth/Money and Jupiter´s Sigils: better Intelligence, Daemon or Spirit´s sigil?

For using a wealth/money what is best to use: Jupiter´s Sigil, or the sigil of the intelligence, Daemon or Spirit

By the way, how do you consider this class of Magick working with Planets Entities…black, white, LHP, RHP?

None of the above. Planetary magick is neutral, and is found in almost every known magical tradition. It is only the intention of the magician performing the ritual that would dictate whether the spell qualifies as “black magick” or not.

In planetary magick, the Spirit is considered to be the one to call for material results, and the Intelligence if you want knowledge of the specific planetary sphere.

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There is no best method , and in terms of that , the result of your working is what classifies it as white or black Magick etc , I myself would recommend demon or angelic work , because you’d constantly have an entity that can advise you on the working .

NailOH, I don´t understand totally your last phrase. Do you mean you recommend angelic or demonic Magick instead planetary? Thanks

by the way, as I have said in other posts, as I am a beginner and have not the same self control of a trained magician I am concerned about the ‘safety’ of each type of Magick, understanding by ´safe´ not causing shocks or disruptions in your life although these shocks and disruptions could be the basis in future for good, better gainings, goals. According what I have studied, it may happen for example that a magician seeks wealth, and occurs, abruptly, that he loses job and money and he has to start a new life. Some time after that, he finds a path that drives him to a wealth life, understanding that the initial harsh changes were the seeds of his goal, the wealth he was looking for. However at this moment I am not yet ready for such a disruptive path and I am looking for more easy to manage energies and entities and magick styles. More safe and calm ones.

No I’m just saying working with spirits would be a nice addition .

If you want safe and calm work with Archangels .