Wealth Magick Working Group For Extreme Prosperity: For Serious & Dedicated Individuals Only

Doesn’t let me PM

Hey, i am intrested in this, add me up!

I’m in the group and it’s a great community where people share their personal stories and successes as well as methods which have worked for them. One of the main topics discussed is the QLA method developed by Dan Pena. Dan Pena made a process based on how Andrew Carnegie made his money. If you search Dan Pena you can see his personal success using the process in business, his success teaching the method, and his students’ successes (one of which is I think a 17 or 18 year old multimillionaire)



I am very interested in joining this group. Please add me. Thank you.

I am also interested in joining the group add me Please. Thank You.

Welcome @Caitus. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.


Thanks for sharing this information. I am interested in this group. What should I do to join?

That is up to the OP.


I am interested in joining this group. Is there anything I should do?

Why isn’t this for those in debt? Most of us are in some sort of debt.

@Zyskal I’m interested in joining

@Zyskal i am new here and i can’t send you PM. Your group is one of the things here to motivate myself and become a member of this forum. I am currently focusing on financial magic and am ready for almost anything to make money, lots of money no matter what happens. I want to in joining this group. Thanks. What next?

Just sent another round of invites to all those who PMed me.

I’m interested in joining.

May I?

888 brought me here. I’m very interested in this. I recently started using magnets and what I call a “focus” for money magic. Its working well, id love to learn how other people use magic for financial gain.

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I’m very interested in this. It’s exactly the direction I’ve been wanting to go on my own, so I’m intrigued to learn how this can work in a group.

I am willing to join

I’m would love to join, @Zyskal.

@Zyskal I don’t know how to PM on here. Can you invite me to this group please?