Wealth and Prestige rite by JS Garret reviews

Hello everyone,
I am an entrepreneur going through too many hardships. I have many ways for wealth to come to my life. I have worked like crazy, I have sacrificed too many things in my life in order to become financially successful, and just like JS Garret said in the video, “things can easily not go your way” - and that’s exactly what has happened to me in my life (unfortunately, because I really know it shouldn’t be this way - it’s simply unfair). I don’t see other people doing what I have done or what I have been doing to succeed. So needless to say I have put too much effort in it…
I also agree when he says that corporations all use black magic, and when he says that they know secrets that people got tortured and killed for (regarding black magic).
I am very desperate and will need a loan (with high interest/taxes) to get my ritual done.
My life was always very hard and I am in the third world at the moment. I am very sick of it.

So I honestly would like to hear from people that have tried the Wealth and Prestige rite - what were your results, please, because I was reading the thread about his Astarte’s ritual, and people were saying that he said that the ritual takes from 6 months to 1 year to work, and I definitively am looking for something that works much faster, regarding ‘raising my empire’ (a.k.a. making my business definitely work).

I have been working with Clauneck for helping me go through but the results are still very small in comparison to what I need for at least, to survive.
I don’t have my own place so there’s no way I can make an animal sacrifice for Suhn’tal’ock or light fires and cast a circle outside (although I wish I had this opportunity).
I have never butchered any animal neither, so it seemed like exactly what I needed, and the solution I for so long, have been seeking for.

This is the video I was talking about:


I am looking through the forum, I can’t find anyone who had did this spell before. Yet it amuse me. I am wondering will it help to get financial freedom (which I had been trying to get from multiple source of income)

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I had JS do this rite for me. Yes it worked well.

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