Weakened by distance from home. Any thoughts?

I thought I would post this bit about my life that is puzzling me. I am unsure what to make of the signs and symptoms (that sounds so clinical, but I can think of no other descriptor) of the situation. Perhaps people on this forum can shed some light on the subject.

For almost the last two decades I have noticed that whenever I leave my home state for anytime longer than a month without returning, I begin to lose vitality: my immune system weakens and i develope anything from what seems to be a head cold which turns into a chest cold and then bronchitis (I am never able to successfully treat it before it hits my lungs).

As I stated in my introduction thread, I have primarily done weather workings to facilitate a strong harvest (I live in a rural farming community), and even away from.my home state, my magick is no less potent for obtaining results (For example, I am currently in the part of Spain that has recently seen flooding due to more than the usual amount of rain). However, it seems to take more out of me and I take longer to recover after a working.

I have a theory, but I would like to hear from others and see if we are thinking along the same lines or perhaps if another’s theory might make better sense. Also, maybe someone has a suggestion for remedying this challenge.

Thanks in advance!

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The immune system is controlled by the subconscious and the subconscious is based or totally related to EMOTIONS! If there is an imbalance in the emotional area, the subconscious will repetitively generate these falls that you present, and may improve, but soon they will manifest themselves again with pathological complications in other health areas. It is there where you must work to remove that picture.
If you work with spirits, I would recommend asking the Marqués Forneus for consistency. He is a specialist in this area since it provides an awakening, his power is compared as a multivitamin that deals directly in the depths of the subconscious. He is a specialist in this area, his manifestation is of great strength in the area of the subconscious and as a specialist I see that there is the area where the problem lies, take the test and we are here to help.


This may seem like a gross oversimplification, but if I understand what you’re saying. Essentially, I get sick being outside my home state for more than a month because I am…Homesick?. If it were something other than that, it would happen on a regular pattern, even when home, I should think.

@Amirash, I seek to understand more. Please do more than the equivalent of: Take two Aspirin and call…no scratch that DON’T call me in the morning.

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I don’t understand your question, please be more explicit to be punctual in the answer

This sounds incredibly stupid but I am serious on this one:
maybe you want to try to carry a jar of home earth and things (tree bark, stones, just random stuff you picked up from your home and that is full of delicious home earth energy) with you, when you’re on the run again. At the end of the day you could touch the earth and things, connecting to something that symbolizes it in a very physical manner

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@Amirash, If I understand you correctly, essentially I am home sick? But on a level beyond what most consider beyond normal when I leave my home state for more than a month at a time, as it affects me quite a bit. It seems an oversimplification to me but that is the basics of what I am understanding.

Like a link for a targeted spell in reverse! That is…brilliant. I wish I had thought of it before this trip! I will try that on my next foray out of state. Thankyou for the preventative suggestion.

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I hope it helps a bit. In my understanding it should work the same way we would look at a photograph of a person we miss and who is far away from us. We technically KNOW that its only a picture but we can draw some energy out of its details like this person would be in the same room with us :thinking: Good luck!

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You have two ways to consider:

  • If your immune system is affecting, understand what I have already explained: The immune system is controlled by the subconscious and the subconscious is based or totally related to EMOTIONS! You claim that being out of your state of origin causes that imbalance and this is because of the emotions that loom when you miss or miss your state, your words give rise to that the diagnosis by which your immune system is depressed, this does not It is fantasy is a reality, you are looking for why it presents those pathologies that break your health, then understand the cause:
    Depressed immune system
    Subconscious in functional imbalance
    Based on the emotions caused by the causes of his departure from his home state

The magic can help you but do a good planning in focus because if you do not direct the medicine that the subconscious requires, and at the same time search for the magic stillness or emotional balance will not be effective …

In summary … Medicine to the subconscious that is the cause of immune depression and magical complement that gives energy balance to your emotional life.

The magic to be successful needs planning as I know that you will know from my position as a doctor I am giving you the key guidelines of the origin of your presentation by attacking these neuralgic pintos I assure you that you will not improve if you will not HEAL!
I refer this view to your consideration, if you do not see it convincing, discard it. It has been a pleasure…

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Hiya OP! It sounds to me like you may have unconsciously tethered yourself to the land you call home, at the very least it sounds like the spirits of your locality trying to draw you back. I get a feeling that you are very connected to that landmass, not in a bad way but like a hill rises from a plain, so it’s possible that you’re nourished by that place or you’re experiencing a kind of energetic homesickness. See if a local spirit will be willing to accompany you on your travels in a talismanic form, I have the sense that you should try to bring your home land with you when you’re going to be away for a while. :slight_smile: