We use 10% of our brains. How can we boost it up to 100%?

Any thoughts on this subject?

This statement is actually incorrect. It actually refers to how much of the mind we consciously use which is actually 12%, where the other 88% is the sub-conscious. We use 100% but 88% of that is subconscious. That is how you are able to breathe while not paying attention, why your heart beats while you are unaware. We are consciously aware and in touch with very little. But we cannot boost it because of the fact there is nothing to boost. This is very basic psychology.

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If we are talking about tapping into the intense reserve of brain function normally allocated to the subconscious operation of the body it is through synesthesia. Now it is possible that one could rewire parts of the brain to operate from other parts such as a person with autism like my cousin, who can’t find his ass from a hole in the ground but for some reason can do math faster than a calculator and can tell you how many grains of rice are spilled on the floor with one glance. Something that most would consider an impossible feat.

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I posted about a book that I think everyone should read for accessing and changing the subconscious, the title sums it up and the techniques and descriptions he gives are excellent: Getting your subconscious on your side - PsychoCybernetics.

I got me the original paperback old school style.:wink:
Originally sold for 2$

Love the way the author talks about reaching for a pack of cigarettes as an example of an automatic gesture… totally neutral, totally dated, some somehow kind of sweet. Don’t get me wrong, they’re vile things designed to kill in droves, targeted especially at free-thinkers (don’t want them being rich, healthy, reproducing, and living into old age to pass on their smarts!) but it’s always interesting to see examples of how differently people thought just a few decades ago, what they accepted as normal that we now KNOW to be harmful.

Gives me hope. :slight_smile:

I have the red & white later edition, the Amazon reviews will sort out which to get (because there was a later re-write that apparently isn’t as useful) - the charm of the original lies partly in how NEW the concepts were when he outlined them, so he cuts right to the chase instead of trying to re-word the original set of concepts, it’s so clean, direct, and easy to follow.

DragonPhoenix777, one method that links with that book AND with getting the most from your own mind, and hearing “different” perspectives, is the Cabinet Of Invisible Counselors - info on “how, what, why” are all in that link. :slight_smile: