"We Should Have Every Legal Right 2 Kill Devil Worshipers" - Tireo

That guy, Tireo S Hammond, is now saying people should have the legal, literal right to kill any kind of black magicians, sorcerers, witches, Voodooists, Devil worshippers etc. whether w/ guns or knives. He’s hoping for a bill to get signed so this comes to pass.

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In this video, Tireo is seen at the gun range shooting his rifles.

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He types his Facebook posts in Title Case and is evidently a nutjob…

Yet another case of someone “being wrong on the internet”!

You’d think it’s not 1450 anymore, but these things still very much happen. Below is the link to an article about how in India witch hunts still happen. They have very little to do with actual witches for most part (as per usual), but still.


If he shoots a .380, he’s obviously a pussy. .380 is even more pussy than 9mm. Like a real man, my pistols are all chambered in .45ACP. OK, I own one 9mm, but it was a gift, lol.

Hoping for a bill? Dream on.

Upon visiting this guy’s website,the first thing that started were three different voices all saying:’‘Yo wassup?’’.Three videos running automatically.Great website design!

And the fact that wherever you look he’s Tireo speaking 4 Christ/Jesus rather than speaking FOR Christ/Jesus.Because typing three letters is so much hard work!Also,great for a first impression!

Also naming your website Tireo Mount Sinai Faith Record…It’s unprofessional.

So,of all the random things on this hotchpotch and mess of a website,was this one thing that said ‘‘Letter From Jesus’’.I laughed so hard when reading that,you guys will not believe it!

First of all,you know that stuff the Pope is preaching about how everyone deserves to go to Heaven and be forgiven and blah blah blah?Well,apparently,according to Jesus,he handpicked his followers,from their mother’s wombs,and has chosen them to follow him and everyone else is destined for Hell!Very philanthropic and people-loving!

Next I noticed that Jesus said that if I chose to follow him,we’d be together in Heaven forever & ever & ever & ever…how does that not come off as creepy?Also apparently Jesus created Heaven?How,wasn’t it Jehovah?

Also,Jesus sure does have poor grammar.He types like a teenager.Also punctuation doesn’t exist,because Jesus uses commas,rather than full stops.

Also,apparently people aren’t supposed to get married,hollywood is murdering people in Satanic rituals,and Jesus is dark-skinned,and anyone who says otherwise is going to Hell?

How is he supposed to get a bill passed with that kind of grammar?

How is he supposed to defy the Freedom of Religion aspect of the American Constitution?

Asking to outlaw magic,and give authorities the power to imprison people caught using it would on its own become a miracle.

Now imagine a crazy person with terrible grammar asking for CIVILIANS to be able to KILL anyone they suspect of using magic?

Also,he groups wildly different categories together as black magic,but that’s not new,Christians consider all Pagan religions devil worship.And to them,Pagan means everything that isn’t Christian(yes,even Judaism),so…

Bottomline is,why are we even discussing this?Shouldn’t we just be laughing at how stupid some people can be?

Sounds like my kind of law!

And that really says something XD

To paraphrase Groucho Marx, “i wouldn’t be a member of a society that would have me as a citizen” lol.

George Carlin once said in one of his shows, that he believed that he has the right to do whatever he wanted. He also believed that if anyone had a problem with that, they had the right to kill him.

I love an equitable system of government!

Anton LaVey’s theory still strikes me as the most reasonable out there… That each individual has the right to live their life in accordance with their will, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the right of others to do the same.

By the same token, if one could argue well enough that following this person’s brand of Christianity was actually black magic or whatever (which is entirely plausible when we consider the malleable nature of a relative and subjective system…) then, we would have the right to kill him, too =D

In any case, if one believes in one’s magic, then making changes on a large enough scale to not be inconvenienced by people such as this, shouldn’t really be an issue. Meditate on Saturn if anyone needs a booster shot with respect to the potential influence one may have on the universe at large.

Yours, Tj.

I mean, some of the things Tireo says more or less make sense. For instance, when he says clothes of deceased relative or cemeteries may carry negative energy and spirits, but it’s all entrenched in religious zealotism.


As for the character of Jesus, looks like it’s heavily plagiarized from the story of Horus and maybe of one or two men that did walk the Earth; impossible to tell for sure how light or dark was Jesus’ skin.

But the matter at hand is religious freedom and freedom of thought which include the right to partake in any type of spirituality incl. Paganism, Voodoo, astrology, witchcraft, black magick, Kabbalah, Thelema, Satanism (whether Theistic or Atheistic), Luciferianism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc., or be a total Atheist.

It’s a fact that many (incl. the ISIL Caliphate) would love to take it away from us. And to literally wish that all heathens be slayed like that is beyond insane!

And here he is with his munitions:

"I Am Ordained & Chosen 2 Be A Warrior & Solider 4 Jesus Kingdom,I Am Against Satans People All The Way, I’m Ready 4 War, I Have The Awesome Ak47, Semi Auto Pistols & Rifles & Pump Action Shotguns & Pocket Knives As Well, All Legal N MY Name, I’m Living Proof Of What Jesus Can Do As Long If U Obey His Will 4 Your Life, Why Spend Money On Non Sense When I Can Buy Something That Really Matters Most, My Weapons Against Satans People"

Sounds like some Sharia law up in here, this guy should go move to the middle east if he thinks that’s how it should be done… no wait they’ed probably have him killed there.

[quote=“chef1964, post:4, topic:6631”]If he shoots a .380, he’s obviously a pussy. .380 is even more pussy than 9mm. Like a real man, my pistols are all chambered in .45ACP. OK, I own one 9mm, but it was a gift, lol.

Hoping for a bill? Dream on.[/quote]

Hahaha that made my day. Those gift 9mms are a nuisance, aren’t they?

To the OP, this is a classic case of something you can worry about and allow to influence your life, or not. If you’re worried, then defend yourself, or give up your sovereignty to another to protect you. But…talking? That’s what this guy with the .380 is doing so much of, but I guarantee he will only go for people he thinks won’t fight back, even -if- me surprises me by even going through with killing someone who won’t even fight back. So far, though, he’s just talking. If he bothers me, I’ll do what I have to. Since that won’t happen within reason, I’m certainly not going to spend my time talking about him.

But that’s just me, I guess.

I don’t even where to start with this nutjob, so I’ll just sit shaking my head for a minute or two. I notice his YouTube comments are disabled for the first video. I can’t imagine why… perhaps the majority of people tending to greatly frown on legalized murder, has something to do with it. He’d likely be mobbed with words.

Oh well. Honestly he’s just some rambling, crazy person with a condescending attitude. Not bad for a laugh though.

Tireo disables comments on all his videos. Here’s his answer as to why:
He’s basically saying debating w/ people would be a waste of time, and allowing comments would actually show disrespect for God’s message.

[quote=“Subject_Zero, post:3, topic:6631”]You’d think it’s not 1450 anymore, but these things still very much happen. Below is the link to an article about how in India witch hunts still happen. They have very little to do with actual witches for most part (as per usual), but still.

True! In recent years, African children accused of sorcery have been outrageously murdered by religious freaks. By the way, all that talk about that Satanic Temple in the US is very pertinent. Way back in the 50’s, Satanism and black magick entered the mainstream, and some celebrities such as Jayne Mansfield and Sammy Davis Jr. publicly joined the Church of Satan. Marilyn Manson did join that Church in the 90’s.

Yet, in 2015 (mainly because of social media and conspiracy websites), the least one-eye symbolism, sign of the horns or A-ok sign suffice to drive people into a frenzy. It’s about time for the occult and all the paths I mentioned earlier to truly be accepted in society.

You do that.

Well. Well while he’s at it why not look into his own back-yard and get a legal right to kill Roman Catholic pedophile Priests Oh and why stop there what about the bible bashing pedophile protestants or the filthy rich Christians who rip of their own church folk oh and we could go on and on and on Careful what you wish for

I think it’s beneath this forum to be giving even this much attention to this jackass who is probably as much a danger to himself as anyone. Waste of time. But if you wanted to have some fun with him someone with a youtube account could use his own fears and superstitions against him by sending him a message telling him that the members of the BALG black arts forum have collectively placed a satanic death curse upon him. That oughtta get his Fruit of the Loons in a twist. :smiley:

It’s beneath this forum to give this moron any attention, but not to send empty threats? Or any threats? That’s my point, if it’s important then -do- something about it. And don’t be afraid to do it yourself without falling into the shelter of “the group”.



Not a threat but a joke. But I can’t be bothered to do it.

We just differ then. The reason I don’t joke about using force is that it can cheapen your reputation for following through with what you say. Thus, necessitating -more- violence just to maintain integrity. Since I personally prefer to keep the violence around me only to what is necessary, having that kind of reputation can go a long way towards narrowing down the actual incidences of having to do what you have to do to someone just to take care of your own goals. Could be worth considering, fuck if I know. It has worked for me so far, though.

But I will say, if someone threatens me or anyone close to me with harm, I will never treat it as a joke. If someone jokingly points a gun at me, no matter their intentions I will not rest until they are incapable of harming anyone. Do what thou wilt, enjoy the joke of death, but realize there are people out there who share my views, so it never hurts to know about those views.

I don’t think the point of this post was just to say ‘look at this psychopath,’ but more about talking these things out in general. There are still many people ready and eager to execute witch hunts.

And as much as that ‘group curse’ thing made me chuckle, it is unnecessary. More so - it just solidifies his ridiculous statements, adds fuel to the entire thing. If we were to do that (and I know you meant it as a joke :)) it would lower this forum and it’s purpose, in my personal subjective opinion.

We are very intelligent goal orientated people sharing, studying, practicing magick and bettering ourselves. We are too busy working on our ascend to worry about what every lunatic posts on his Facebook. Cats have Facebook pages, babies do. They are about as intelligent as this psychopath preaching nonsense.

When I walk past people waving a bible at me and shouting about how the world is about to end unless we accept Jesus, I keep on walking as I have a goal for which I left the house in the first place, so I just keep on walking until I reach my destination.

But thank you for the chuckle. :slight_smile:

Yeah, well we should have the legal right to kill douche bags like him. If someone like that set foot on my property their head and ballsac would be blown off before they could reach the front door and I would claim self defense. These people are the ones that need to be exterminated, mass fucking cleansing of these pricks, or separate them on a private island surrounded by water with no boats or air planes and lock them in with 50 foot walls so they can live amongst themselves with their madness, and pester each other since the people like them are the only ones that agree with their fucktardery. World would be a much better place. Re-open concentration camps for all the religious. Mean? Damn right it’s mean, but look at what they wanna do to us. Just returning the favor.

The local news is showing some ass hat that is offended because starbucks doesn’t have jesus or merry christmas on their new red holiday cups. Seriously. They are saying starbucks hates jesus because they made their cups solid red for christmas with their green logo, but this christian guy says it’s offensive because those cups should not be plain red, they should have christmas decorations on them to celebrate the season. He is saying it’s just as offensive as the stores that say happy holidays instead of merry christmas. What the hell kinda drugs were these christian women using when they were pregnant. Good god!

Don’t tempt me! :slight_smile:
I do have a youtube channel and a camera…just sayin

I am currently working on a video to scare christians. Talking as if I am their christian devil, telling people to sell their souls to me and I promise you won’t go to hell, it’s all a lie. Seriously, sell me your soul and you can have everything that you want with no consequences.

That should fuck with them, because they’ll probably think I was possessed by their devil and trying to lead people astray from god. My videos like this get good views.

I would do the video if people would back me up and actually throw some curses and negative energy his way. It will do no good to make a scare tactic video if nothing happens to him afterward to prove that we are serious. If I make this video and no one backs me up, we all will look stupid and only give him more reasons to hate us and make fun of us.