We should act like adults, not trolls!

I stopped posting a great deal on here over the last week or so because we have a problem with trolls. Some people on this site always have to project their unwanted opinions and ruin it for those who are genuinely interested. And by trolls, I mean those that never respond to topics in ways that actually help people they only respond with a quick snarky or sarcastic remark as if they’re too good to respond with an actual answer.

Just an example: someone new posts, feeling excited they finally figured out how to do something simple and one of these people says something rude as if they never had to take any steps to get to where they are in life, like the newbie should feel stupid for having to work to achieve the same result. Certain things may come easier for some but regardless, everyone has to learn how to do simple things over a period of time whether it takes them 1 day to learn it or 1 month, and if you’ve never done magick before something that is simple to a more adept magician is not going to be so easy for a newbie with no previous magickal exposure.

Newbies don’t come here to hear “you shouldn’t be proud, that’s a minor accomplish that everyone else can do with ease” they come here to learn. I’ve also seen people responding rudely to experienced magicians as if saying “Big freakin deal, I could do the same thing 10 times better with both hands crammed up my anus and sewn shut.” It’s okay to post about your accomplishments and how certain things come with ease for you, it’s how we learn which magicians are best to contact about certain subjects. But if this post offends you then it most likely means you’re one of these trolls and deep down inside you’re aware that you’re a douche bag. Funny thing is, those who act like they are the most powerful magician on the planet can’t even do the most basic magick. They are ashamed at their own lack of accomplishments and they attempt to cover it up by putting others down.

So I haven’t been spending as much time on the forums lately, not because these people are offending me or anything. What they say makes no difference to me, they don’t know me or what I’ve been thru to get here so their words are just empty meaningless words to me. The reason I am hanging back is because I’m about to lose my patience with a few people in particular and give them a taste of their own medicine.

And Lady Eva if you want to delete this, go ahead. It’s not my goal to stir up controversy but I don’t think anyone is going to respond to this post in anger unless they are the ones that are doing the trolling.

RavensAscent, both me and Claidheam are available to PM if you have concerns about a specific member - a post like this that points fingers but in such a vague fashion is tantamount to, well not exactly further trolling, let’s say, stirring, since it implies there are terrible things going on, and people are naturally going to wonder if they’re to blame, or feel like it’s permission to begin dredging up old grudges, etc.

We can’t all get along on the internet and what one person will see as a reply misunderstanding them, or maybe a genuine question, another person will perceive as an insult, that’s just the way of online communication - usually keeping a cool head and asking what was intended, or explaining where the reply went wrong in a non-inflammatory manner, will be sufficient.

It’s not the moderators’ job to thought-police people, prevent polite challenges, or control what opinions people can express provided they remain within the rules, and neither are we responsible for hurt feelings when someone is unusually sensitive to being challenged.

Let’s keep this mature: if you’re concered someone’s breaking rules and it’s being overlooked or not noticed, PM one of us, I’ve not had any complaints about trolling and if anything this forum has a rep for being more strictly moderated than most others.

I’m leaving this, but locking it, because pointing fingers does nobody any favours.

Edfit to add: moderators on here can’t monitor Personal Messages, which I’m sure most people prefer as a system (I know I do!), so if anyone’s having problems with someone PM-ing them in an annoying way, let us know - we simply won’t know about it otherwise.

Thanks! :slight_smile: