We don't match energetically anymore. Rant of relationship and Magick

First of all this is very confusing for me. I think its all going to be great one month, then the next month I cant stand him touching me. The bipolar feelings in my relationship have been going on with my partner of 7 years since I starting doing magick and gaining power. He does not do magick…hes a smoker and I am now a health nut…he just feels toxic to touch and sometimes I feel like when we connect he actually puts me back in my expansion or ascension. Hes very negative as well, complains a lot and I feel like maybe most of my negative feelings come from him. I don’ know what to do. Its very confusing tho. I don’t want to leave, we have a child. He will never be interested in magick. He would never summon a daemon. Hes afraid of it. Its just not his path. He seems content just floating down the river like old driftwood while i want to swim upstream against the current and be my greatest version. UGHHHHHH