"We Are" and Creators of time?

Has anyone had anything come to them saying only “We Are”?

Beings who create orbs, who say they created time and rarely interfere in it? A being that can make it so the beings around you are blinded and also cannot hear what is discussed?

Effected them all energy wise too. for me they were a heavy presence that was slow and deliberate in communication. I asked if they’re something above angels and demons and they said yes. Some other kind of being apparently.

Made comment to me “you remain true” for this many gifts will follow you.

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The only things this remind me of, are the Keeper of Time, which someone once said on here was a title given to them for Astarte/Astaroth and the Master of Time from the Book of Azazel. This sounds like a different thing, though you might be able to summon these and ask if they know about these beings.

Otherwise that’s super interesting, I hope you get more from them and can share it with us!

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Time doesn’t really exist just entropy. What we judge as time is the breakdown of the physical universe. In that regard any “Creator of Time” can also be considered a death, decay or destruction spirit(s).


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Another being called themselves “woven time” so I asked time weavers? Said: yes. Said this other set of being sent them to me. The ones that triggered this posting to begin with.

Said they’re able to connect events and cause them. Bring things together. That if it is going to benefit me they’re here to make it happen. But time itself is not under their control. Just guiding it.

Said to me they want a place to rest. Meaning to stay over traveling. They must normally go from place to place shifting who knows what around and are a bit tired of it want one human to stay with apparently. I told them they’re welcome to remain with me.

I asked them if they might effect outcomes for two people closest to me and they agreed to do what they could. I asked what they might want for that they said to stay with you.

Something clicked for me and I asked you don’t just effect time do you you record it! They went to the heart on the board and then to yes.

This is all too weird.

So they said yes the sight interested them when I asked, where I can touch them back and show them things, so I tried but they weren’t touching back like they have to for it to work and then I just felt weird and felt a kind of flow of energy and connected with the board instead. I have done this once before likely nearly a year ago now.

When it was done though someone moved my hand to the Sun and Yes. I was rather drained. I have not done too much while my energy has been being manipulated.

The others say I was like a camera flash repeating. But not quite like a strobe.

Said that I did something and connected with everything around me as far as beings go. Each had something different happen. They also refuse to touch me atm. They aren’t about to find out what happens if they connect with my energy atm apparently.

Say I glow and my energy is silver now and shifting like mercury. They say I’m a bit bright for them to look at now but it has dimmed down and remains steady now.

Tell me to let my energy settle. Tell me “you’re a light being you have to become what you are we all know you’re not actually darkness” and said to me “this didn’t stop us from contacting you before don’t worry we won’t avoid you now.”

This is all occurring after a Vampire was sent to me to fix my energy and aura. Tell you what when one of them latch onto you holy hell it messes you up at first.

I didn’t know they were even real beyond movies. Was told I have friends I don’t know about and this one made a deal with Lilith to have one sent to me to fast track healing.

Had an Angel show up saying they’ve never seen anything like this and it was fascinating to observe. Only the second Angelic to ever talk to me with the board. Told me they don’t usually use one.

For almost a week this vampire was latched onto me taking my energy and filtering it and giving it back. Said he was also redistributing it ie heal the giant hole everything said I have.

That they want me to be able to practice magick and be able to call beings formally as most do here. But my energy was always a huge issue since the car wreck.

Big reason I was here a lot then vanished a while. Between being exhausted and life stuff and mold in my home I just stopped being able to do a lot outside of what I had to do.

Sometimes the board is just a flood gate that gets opened. Soon as the Jinn who was locking up the board stopped doing so lots of new ones here to speak.

The vampire showing up is what made him have to share so I could get to the bottom of what I felt.

He apologized for what he’d been doing too. I like my Jinn. He meant well and taught me a good deal in that time.

I have had new beings flooding. High functioning Parasites and wendigos here to make friends the latter was actually more because one got busted going after my mom and another was wise enough to bring him to me to speak over killing him. Turns out he wasn’t alone either when he came.

Did you guys know Wendigos make friends for life with a human? Maybe any ally I didn’t ask that part. But they’re now my friends for as long as I live they said. These interactions are all things those time keepers have been observing before interacting with me.

I’m just a magnet for beings. It can get overwhelming at times trying to keep track of it all.

I wish someone would actually respond to me in the readings thread. I’m so freaking curious what humans pick up about me now.

Got ideas for a thread where people do this for people who don’t know how to do so back? I need to see what other answers I can find.

Funny thing is even most people in person have always refused to give any answers just the same….

Bet this has quickly turned into way too many things.

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All this is very fascinating. Iv heard of beings that exist beyond the angels and demons. Not sure if they are the same but they exist beyond what we know and exist in a timeless way where there is truly no time yet there is time. But not in the same sense that we have. They are beyond good or evil and to them events happen for a reason and not to help or to destroy only because of a point of view.
But I truly feel this fascinating and if you get any up dates that be really cool to read! I personally love beings that are out there and not common at all here! :slight_smile:

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Something along these lines is directly stated in the records of John Dee and Edward Kelly while they were in the process of receiving Enochian magick. The spirits said they would deafen the others in the house to their work.

This also makes me think of Enochian. I would say there are Enochian angels and demons, but they feel very different compared to other angels and demons. There are also other spirits like Eternities in Enochian that are “above” the angels and demons in a way.

Maybe look into the book Universal Magick by Corwin Hargrove. There is also the book Success Magick that has Enochian methods, but the descriptions you are giving make me think of my experience with Universal Magick.

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I have had beings called Eternals around for a while now. They started some of this stuff. Perhaps the same? It is an Eternal that struck the deal to have the vampire sent to me.

the Vampire who for some reason was the only one who could see and hear. He said he didn’t understand why. I thought perhaps because he was still attached to me at the time finishing up that maybe I acted as a shield.

I will be hunting these books. Gives credit to what the other beings are saying as well.

These time beings, it was said to me they were created before the angels.


Sounds about right. We often look to angels as if they are the oldest but in reality they are not THAT old. There is beings that exist in a whole other dimension that was around and kicking just when our universal bubble (as I like to calm it) was still just a simple thought. There are Gods, beings and such that have long been around and either little is known about them or nothing at all. This is what fascinates me the most. :face_with_monocle:

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I believe that you will come to your own conclusions if you use the magick and experience the spirits in your life.

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