Ways to troll Jehova's witnesses when they come to your door


Invite them in if their attractive and make a Jehova Witness Porno. You will need to do demonick magick before they ever show up on the scene to attract the right group.


Those Mormon elders are HOT. Hit on them. If they go away, you get peace and quiet. If they don’t…well, no rest for the wicked!


Yes, when they’re on their mission, Mormons need to keep a strict exercise routine.


Haha, you made me laugh, because 6 years ago i let them in because both where really HOT, very tall and muscled with blue eyes, hahaha, i was thinking: what shit is that? living porn?!?
But back then i was rather in the Buddhist side lol, love for everybody, come on in baby, i will take care of you!:joy:


You have me curious as to what they look like.


I answered the door with just a towel wrapped around me. The two young girl’s pre-planned sermon was severely broken. They had a hard time trying to express their rehearsed lines. Kept staring at my 6 pack.

Before that day, they had never seen sexy. I forever violated their virgin minds with wicked thoughts burning inside their heads and exploding in the juices between their legs. Their mother standing afar by the blue van, eyes wide open, mouth covered. Be careful who’s door you knock on Bitches!

(Yes, that’s me)


Holy shit, you’re hot!