Ways to tell if spells are working

Hi all. I had a caster perform a black magic breakup spell and return spell on an ex of mine. The caster used Andromalius or Andras to break up my target and mailed me a talisman which I have hidden away. It’s been about 6 weeks since I received it and lately I haven’t been able to get my ex off my mind, where as I hadn’t been as much previously.

So my question is: is this part of the spell manifesting or is this borderline obsession I am having a backfire, or am I just overthinking? Any of you with similar experience?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Is there anyway to get in touch with the original caster? Perhaps they could clear things up for you.

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I spoke with her a couple weeks ago. At the time I hadn’t been experiencing anything out of the ordinary. She said that in the next month or so things should manifest and to just go with the flow and not to think much on it. We agreed that I would touch base in a month or so. She feels confident that the work she has done will do the trick and to allow the energies to do the work.

Still there can’t be any harm in expressing your concerns to her before that month meetup right? Just to have an idea of what’s going on since, if anything, doubt and confusion can cause even more hiccups.


I honestly believe that love spells affect both the target and the caster .(in this case, you) That is why love spells are to be avoided; because IF you need a spell to begin with , things are not good between you and your target.
The more spells you cast, the more obsessed you become. At least in my experience. You should perform a cleansing ritual on yourself.


Good idea on the cleansing. Do you feel that if I am feeling this way, it is working on the target as well?

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If you dont lust for results it will work, try to keep her off from your mind for sometime.

Mind if im asking this
Do this spellcasters happen to be
House of magick?
Belinea thenchanted witch?
Arabian witch?

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I haven’t been lusting for the results. I definitely keep busy and have little downtime so I am not mulling on it, she just comes to mind a lot. She isn’t any of the mentioned spell casters.

Got history with them?

I don’t think the love spell works… I wouldn’t advise someone to get a love spell… i do freewill love spell for people… it s different from love spell… lo ve spell are forced spell done which backfires… i only recommend and do freewill love spell for people… it s n ancient spell

Yes, the target must feel it too . Do try to take your mind off it . Go date other people , idk . Just forget all about it . The more you think and talk about it , the deeper you get in it .

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