Ways to ruin someone's social media life?

What if someone is a major asshole, and they make their living by getting a lot of revenue such as being an instagram star or they are a YouTuber who makes a living almost or completely exclusively from ad revenue from tons of viewers? Is there an entity or a curse where somehow, their social media life gets ruined and they’d have to get a regular job to make a living, that is if this curse or entity doesn’t make it harder to for them to get a job, or even worse?

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Well, if they’re well known, it wouldn’t be way too hard to mess up their career. For an example, the YouTuber Pewdiepie had his suscribers drop a ton for saying one racial slur.

What I’d do is find a picture of the target and light a black candle. Then, charge up your feeling of hate and anger. After that, imagine that energy of hate and anger being thrown at the target. Just like a ball of dark energy hitting them.

Finally, what I’d do to add some oomph, would be just visualizing them slipping up. You know, just making mistakes. If they’re well known, it can be the littlest mistakes.

Well, hopefully that’s somewhat helpful, lol. Best of luck. :metal:


Or summon any number of Baneful entities if it’s that important to you. Agares and Pazuzu comes to mind first.


Make several several accounts and just drown their comments section in negativity. Maybe even make a couple fake twitter accounts dedicated to just making them look bad by making fun of them or something. Or pull out your social justice activist hat and pin point some thing tiny to get offended about and completely just go off on it.
Then add in baneful magick using a voodoo doll or something.

Doesn’t belial grant favors to friends and foes? I’d get I’m on this, intuition points in that direction.


Wow that’s a level of fucked up that reminds me of the media, censorship, and what not.

Do you really want to curse this person? To the conditions you have put in place when it comes to what your asking for seem to me to indicate that you do not have a lot of hatred for this person. Why waste your time if there is no real hate behind your waste?

I am going to ask a couple of questions:

How has this individual affected your life specifically?
How have they damaged your ability to do what they do?

Unless you’ve been affected by some action of theirs e.g. you were set up or disadvantaged or you really need to teach them a lesson in order to improve their behaviour towards others or to keep them from perhaps ruining or wasting an organisation’s limited resources, don’t you feel it might be better to concentrate upon your own self-improvement?

That is what I intend to do in order to hurt them even more.

They can see me succeed but they can no longer touch me nor afford me - I am and I will be beyond whatever they themselves will ever be capable of becoming.

That realisation makes me very happy.

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Andromalius is a punisher of thieves. Cash him ousside.


So, first learn to be real anonymous (not only just 1 VPN, or using Tor, you need an extra linux-based-computer for such actions, no windows, no mac)…

Then, buy some vic-socks (ip-adresses of hacked computers, they are not blacklisted), and make use of it…
With every vic-IP, create a new emailaccount, buy if needed an smsnumber via bitcoin for passing sms-verification and so on, and make reviews, or write complaints to their boss/company, for example.
Just be creative :wink:

Before you send such comments or emails, realy get into the pain what they have done to you, go in deep state of meditation…
Create an own ritual, also be creative here, and make use of an magical weapon, before you finally strike a hit with the weapon with a LOUND scream, send the message/mail while this scream and you will see that you really feel better…
(Maybe you could also create elementary creatures for such actions, but im personally not a fan of it, because im feeling better to have my full power in myselfe to any time…)

Pls just make such actions for defense, only -> in situations where others made unfairly attacks on you first :wink:


Like what everybody else’s say in comfort with thier friends. This racial nonsense going around is just that. Nonsense.


Heheheh I’m good at plotting but I’m just too empathetic to ever do anything :joy:

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You must have a big heart, I will try to strangle someone in their dreams over words or debt…heh x)

Correction, I don’t feel like I’ll do that now, but it wasn’t real long ago I would will curses over petty shit.

Oh I’ll just do that cuz I think it’s funny. I mean it is just a dream after all right?
But I will make them FEAR ME!

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Lol how bout dat?

Oh hell yeah XDDD lolz I mean I wouldn’t say JUST a dream, me seeing dreams as a form of real life as well was part of me having suspicion for myself of demons I work with being out to get me.

Per say…I wouldn’t do anyone in a dream how I don’t feel like I would do them in real life. Theyre both real in their own ways to me. But in this dimension I could see myself as a violent motherfucker if not for the idea of getting caught and confined…xD

Stuff like that yer dealing with a bigger cosmic flow. Maybe several people all doing different curse methods could cause enough destablization. Otherwise you might find other ways like having several hundred accounts all flag/report your target.