Ways To negotiate and approach a starting salary with magic?

Okay guys so I just got a call for an interview after handing my application in a couple days ago. It was pretty much instant and I believe it was due to the help of the entities I’ve worked with so far. I posted about this a little in the spirits success section.

So I’m still pretty new to magic and was wondering if you guys had any specific spells or rituals or anything for that matter that could help me in negotiating a higher salary?

I put on the app in the salary section negotiable and from the little info I found on this company it seems like they start at minimum wage.

I have a lot of experience and deserve much more than this. My last company job I made over 50k and 45k in my last 2 years working there.

Any and all help would be appreciate. I don’t have the physical supplies for magic that I would like to have at this time but I know they are not truly needed. Since I mostly just use sigils at this point anyway.

So any tips or advice would be appreciated. I’ve mainly been working with Lucifer, Bune, king Paimon and just started with Hala’thor recently. I cannot see them yet and can only sometimes here them. the more I work with them the stronger the connection seems to build.

i’m going to do an evocation tonight for the interview tomorrow so I’m all ears for advice.

feel free to send some good vibes and helpful magic my way too :smiley:

Work some glamour magick on your aura to make yourself confident and charismatic. If you are confident in what you bring to the table, and truly feel you deserve more than minimum wage, then ask for the salary you want when they ask. They will probably offer something lower, but make it clear that you won’t accept anything below a certain level, and be prepared to walk away.

You said you put “negotiable” on your application, so negotiate, and carry King Paimon’s open sigil on your person to help soften them up.

thanks for the advice I’ll give it a shot. One thing I wanted the help with was being confident and charismatic. I haven’t had to interview or apply anywhere in about 5 years so i’m a little rusty to say to least.