Ways to help my sister

Ok, it’s already dawn here, and I woke up AM 4:10 due to my sister’s night eating.

I have a younger sis who has a harmful eating habit.
Every time she goes on a diet(although she doesn’t need it), every time she eats at late night.
She’s caught in a vicious circle:

  1. She says “I am going on a diet!” and buys a lot of healthy foods(sweet pumpkins, bananas, yogurts, diet ice creams…).
  2. At daytime, she eats them once or twice a day.
  3. But at late nights, she goes to kitchen, and eats instant food, ice creams, or meat.
  4. And she lies down after eating.

I’m serious. This habit is destroying her health and my mental health.
She is experiencing indigestion, and she worries about weight gain. (They are natural results, of course…)
I talked to her like “Why do you constantly eat at night? It’s not healthy. You know it yourself.” And mom told her similar things.
But she only rolls her eyes and says “Blah blah blah!”
Her response harms my mental health, as I love to solve problems by rational conversation.

Is there any magical ways or spirits to help her?
I and my family did all mundane attempts to stop her, but she doesn’t change. It seems like she’s suffering a cyclical disease.
Yeah. She’s not worth my help. But I don’t like to watch a person breaking down. Even when it’s her…

It sounds like an addiction to the rewards of binge eating.

Try calling upon Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance, from Kingdoms of Flame. He has the ability to free the mind from addictions.

This is probably half the problem right here -these aren’t healthy foods. They’re not even diet foods. They’re full on sweet carbs… you know what carbs do to you? They spike your insulin. Which makes you crave more carbs.
It’s a vicious circle.

Get off the addiction to carbs period, to break the cycle of craving, and she’ll feel better, have less inflammation, and be able to choose what she eats and when.

Tip 2: the hunger hormone grehlin is produced at the same time you ate the two days before… if she can hold off eating at night for 2 days she’ll break that easily.

You CAN try Belial to break addiction, but really, this is about understanding how human bodies work. Get educated to work with these things not against them. There’s a ton of yourtube channels that explain all this. Look up ‘intermittent fasting’ and follow the white rabbit.


TBH, this is a you problem,. Her health is her responsibility, and not your business, and it’s kind of domineering and not really ok for you to judge and try to control her like this… I get you want to help someone you love, but go about it the wrong way, and you’re just being abusive.

You need to allow that her path is her own to walk. You have yours.

I suggest Leraje to get you some mental strength.


just lock the fridge