Ways to connect to the demonic realms?

I need to connect my soul frequency more to the demonic realms. Due to I can’t meditate on angelic frequencies. Angelic frequencies make me fall asleep and make it impossible to open the third eye!

I also hate angelic realms

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It’s slightly off-topic but I’d be interested why you hate them.

Because angelic realms make it impossible to open the third eye.

And when In connection to the angelic realms I get manipulated and lied too and makes me have a bad day

I doubt that has anything to do with angelic realms to be honest.


why Did you ask if you just gonna doubt me

I know what the angelic and demonic realms do to me so why did you ask if you didn’t want to know if your just gonna doubt

Your not me and you don’t know how strong my meditation is when I’m connected to the demonic realms

And you have no idea how weak meditation is when I’m connected to the angelic realms

There is no progress when I’m in the angelic realms

There is huge progress when I’m in the demonic realm frequencies

So don’t doubt what you don’t know that’s the lesson

If I didnt doubt you, there would be no reason to ask.

No, you should always doubt what you don’t know. :woman_shrugging:

I asked because maybe you could have presented me a good reason why you hate the angelic realms, or why they make it impossible to open the third eye, or why you think you get manipulated and lied to while connected to angelic realms.
But instead you got defensive and tried to give me a lesson.

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Ok yeah exactly

I told her it makes it impossible to open the third eye.

I become selfless and empathetic and nice and that makes me unable to open my third eye

For some odd reason angelic realms prevent me from opening the third eye

I don’t know why it does it

But being nice makes me unable to open the third eye

Not sure why but it does

That will be my better reasons

I also fall asleep every time I meditate on angelic realms and even if I don’t fall asleep no real progress Happens

So I’m trying to get more in tune with demonic realms so I’m always connected to demonic realm

And I made a reddit post on it look

Demonic frequencies what can you tell me about it? Anything I should be aware of when working with demonic frequencies? Just a fast opening of the third eye.

When I meditate I connect to the demonic realms. And I just have to think bad about angels, Or people. And then I’m connected to the demonic realms.
There are some huge benefits and some down sides to using demonic realm frequencies for meditation I will list them.


  1. meditation is more powerful

  2. Body becomes heavy and numb faster.

  3. Astral projection is possible easier but takes longer.

  4. Consciousness raises faster than using angelic frequencies.

  5. Third eye opens faster than usual.

  6. Symptoms of third eye awakening are more than usual. So faster Happening!

  7. The demonic frequencies will make sure you’ll be less likely to fall asleep during meditation. Due to the noise of the frequencies and head pressure and It felt like my ear was vibrating from the pressure of the demonic frequencies. I did that meditation tonight.

  8. You won’t have to meditate for super long as a normal angelic frequencies has. The demonic frequencies really brings out the meditation energy you need to gain enough energy for your chakras.


  1. It can be scary if your not used to hearing demonic frequencies. But they won’t hurt you. Well they haven’t hurt me since I’ve been connected to the demonic realms, Just try it I’m sure you’ll Be fine, plus I’m in a difficult situation where if a demon wanted to possess me it would be easy for a demon to do it.

  2. Sleep becomes very difficult, waking up throughout the night. Can have scary dreams.

  3. If you believe demons are evil and that’s all they are, you will most likely think you can’t get out of the demonic frequencies, Which will make you unable to get out of the demonic realms.

  4. Can be very scary ounce you are able to see and hear spirits.

  5. You can get a unwanted visitor if you developed your third eye a lot.

  6. The demonic frequencies are very hard to get rid of if you don’t know how.

  7. You can lose your empathy when having demonic frequencies. And you can turn into a person that has psychopathic traits. But you won’t be a psychopath.

  8. If you lose your empathy it will feel impossible to gain your empathy back. But it’s not impossible. It took me forever to figure out how to gain empathy back.

How do I get rid of the demonic frequencies? Do something good and have positive thoughts. And don’t dwell on negative thoughts and thinking about beating someone up or hurting them super bad.

I didn’t want to work with demonic frequencies. But i did and it taught me a lot in 11th grade. but I ended up forgetting how my third eye opened so fast. And I’m glad I worked with demonic frequencies back in 11th grade. It helped me a ton when I most needed it.

Working with demonic frequencies made me realize the church are liars about the third eye is evil which it’s not.

But yeah

I have been trying to figure out what it was I did to open my third eye so fast. And this is what I did worked with demonic frequencies.

I’m sure there’s a lot of dangers to this. But it’s with careful and respect toward what you are doing and who you are working with.

Also back in 11th grade I was what people would call evil and I only had one demon mess with me and he came into my life way before I worked with demonic frequencies.

Although what you said still does not make sense to me, especially this:

It is a better description of your personal experiences. You could have answered like this in the first place, without trying to belittle me first. :woman_shrugging:

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Meditate in silence, or pick meditation music you actually like.

When I meditate I connect to the demonic realms. And I just have to think bad about angels

Hating anything has nothing to do with ‘demonic realms’. Hate is not particularly spiritual at all let alone daemonic. Drop that, it’s a trap, it’s keeping you in the christian current.

I suggest searching here for ‘void meditation’.


http://satanandsuns.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Demon-Bonding-Ritual-Revised.pdf … This is public and FREE . I Promise


There are many things you have to do to atttune yourself to work in the lower frequecies, as your body has a self defense against going towards the lower frequescies. Our bodys/minds are not set to work in th elower frequecies, as there is to much internal conflict with morals and values and issues that spontaneously say “Hey. DANGER! Change your attitude or mindset!” Until you can control your mindset in the lower frequencies, you can only attain them with spells and protection.

For example, until you realize that you do not have grace for your mistakes or “sins” anymore and that you will face a neutral universe to judge your intentions, you will struggle with decisions you make. Do you have the ability to control the negative thoughts that come with lower frequencies or do they change you to become a person you and others despise? That’s my opinion and it has worked for me thus far. My new challenge is to never have guilt for any of my decisions, no matter if it is wrong or right. That is why I have to keep a tight control on my accessing the lower frequencies. I do not want to make bad decisions that I will have to pay a karmic debt for that i will feel guilty for making. Like I said…this is just my opinion. If you do not agree…I’m cool with that.

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