Ways of using Norath?

Beginner Here, is there any foolproof ways a novice/non-practitioner can work with norath? For examples -hoodoo candle rituals? Petitions? I know most do evocation or sigil gazing(to the point of flashes) but I don’t have those skills yet.

There is no “fool proof way” for any type of magick.


I meant in a way where a newbie couldn’t “mess up”(sorry if I worded it wrong).For example you can’t really mess up a petition because it’s self explanatory and I don’t know how to evoke(as I stated) so I wont try to for this but I digress I’m open to suggestions to other methods of workings if you have any! @DarkestKnight

With Norath in particular, I would honestly wait.

I would sooner recommend Andras to a beginner vs. recommending Norath to a beginner. Norath isn’t exactly human friendly, that’s why.

If you have a picture, wrap the sigil over the picture then soak it in blood, petitioning the destruction of your enemy.


Have you done your due dilligence & research when it comes to Norath?

Take a moment and do some if you haven’t already…then decide if you would want to work with him, being a beginner and all.

Good luck.


I have no idea what norath is but that’s some heavy shit if you’d recommend andras first. Wow

To the OP due some homework first!

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Godself of an ex BALG member, only found on this forum. The search will take you right to him.



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Petition is fine. But you might still want to try working with sigils/seals.

Seeing a sigil/seal “flashing” isn’t necessarily an acquired skill; it should happen naturally if you gaze at the sigil for long enough. Try and blink as little as possible, gaze through the sigil as though you’re looking at something in the middle distance on the other side of it. If you do it long enough your eyes should naturally soften and unfocus and if you keep your gaze steady that’s when the “flashing” should occur. No need to strain your eyes, or force anything, or even really concentrate on anything more than continually bringing your gaze back to the sigil if your eyes wander away. Again, it should be a gentle gaze, not a forced/strained concentration.

Note that you could be expecting something more flashy (hur hur see what I did there) out of sigil gazing than what actually occurs. “Flashing” can include things like:

  • The sigil doubles up in your vision as your eyes unfocus
  • Lines or sections of the sigil may seem to disappear and reappear, or move and float around
  • If the sigil is drawn in colour on a black background, you might find that your eyes will start to see the sigil in white (or another colour) instead of its original colour
  • The 2D sigil may appear to take on 3D qualities

And any other odd visual phenomena. It’s generally not going to start strobing completely in and out of existence or changing through the colours of the rainbow or anything amazingly dramatic. And it can take a minute or two for things to begin to happen, but you can also start seeing “flashing” phenomena after only a very short interval, like 10 or 20 seconds.

The “flashing” is a natural result of your brain trying to re-interpret an object that you’ve spent a lot of time looking at. Kind of like when you say a word too often and it loses meaning and just becomes a jumble of syllables.

Also protip: if you’re short-sighted and wear glasses or contacts, remove them and then try sigil gazing. I do this a lot to open sigils/seals and it works quite well for me.


I honestly would not be surprised if the constant channeling of that kind of energy hurt him.


Huh interesting. I’ve activated every sigil I’ve used then. I assumed i had but it’s nice to get real confirmation!


:smiley: It’s an interesting question. Norath didn’t seem to think so the last time I worked with him, but it’s been a moment.

Could putting my godself out on a black magick forum for all to summon get messy…?


I love critical drinker! @itsnathanm7 ah never mind

It wasn’t really a question, Maulbeere. It was moreso a statement.

I knew the man a little more than some, as he was my teacher. He had a pretty strong “magical constitution” as it were but it never made him impervious.

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That’s cool, did he mention any effects to you at all?

Like, someone here said EA noticed when Archaelus is summoned, he feels the drain, or spacey or something. (I forgot.)

I evoked both human and “God” Velo. More often the human.

One thing he divulged is that he often will get a “retinal scan” of the area he is summoned in.

At the time he was able to detail my home without me telling or showing him anything, as well as detail my appearance.

Meeting the man is a very interesting, yet unsettling experience.


For example, my mom was going through a domestic violence situation and one of his exact responses once the guy left was:

“Why don’t you lock the white gate outside, Nathan?”

Oh that’s interesting. I don’t remember it coming up in the old threads. Thanks!

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If its his old threads he often withheld information.

You’re welcome.


Hi I researched every post on here mentioning norath, I wanted more info before trying anything so I made this post and thanks for the luck!

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