Way to myself: thoughts, meditations and experience with different entities

I would like to ask you something, I’ve been meditating on the signs of the fiery world and I’ve been thinking that maybe each letter has a name and a different use like the runes, the signs of the fiery world have a name?

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I think that these signs have a certain similarity with the runes. As far as I understand, a sign or combinations of signs of the Fiery World carry certain functions or embody a certain type / aspect of the energy of the Fiery World. I saw that Attakeria used both one sign and a whole combination (of a purifying nature).

It is certain that all signs are together, an expression of the power of the Fiery World, its various aspects, maybe they should even be called “signs of power.” I think it is no coincidence that in one of its forms, Attakeria is completely composed of these signs.

The question of names is very interesting. I didn’t think about it, but it’s quite possible that they might have them.

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Marquis Phenex - first results of work

So, I have long planned to concentrate all those thoughts and impressions that I have received so far from the Marquis Phenex about creativity and art. We have been working for several weeks and here are the main thoughts that he expressed about this area:

  • Creativity is everywhere. Literally speaking, it is “spilled” in the space around us. These are endless ideas, possibilities, themes that can be embodied in various forms.

  • The main obstacles are fears within us. This is what is the main obstacle to drawing from the “sea of ​​inspiration”. And, at times, they sit so deeply in consciousness that they are simply not perceived by the mind.

  • You can endlessly draw from the “sea of ​​inspiration”. It all depends only on personal enthusiasm and aspirations of the individual.

Perhaps these ideas are widely known, but in the process of communicating with the Marquis Phenex they were understood somehow more deeply and consciously.

If we talk about more material results, then this is, first of all, the intensification of work on my art journal and literary works. This desire to create so intensely arose a word out of nowhere. And I want to do this more and more. In terms of literature, I can say that I have received very wonderful and inspiring responses lately.

Most likely, Marquis Phenex helps not only with literature, but in general with all creativity. I planned to intensify my work only in the literary field, but the first results surpassed themselves, taking over the sphere of drawing as well.


Trita Aptya

So my exploration of Attakeria’s past life seems to have taken on a “second wind.” Today I again tried to learn a little more about the temple and the priestess woman with the help of King Paimon. I saw her again with a bowl in her hands, but now I noticed that some symbols were inscribed on this bowl. Unfortunately, I was not able to see them in more detail, but I hope to repeat this experiment tomorrow.

However, my research did not end there. Keeping in mind King Paimon’s hint that Attakeria might be associated with a proto-Vedic historical period, I decided to look for information on the pantheon of proto-Vedic deities. Here I found some interesting result.

I found a deity called Trita Aptya (Trita - the third; Aptya - water) - a very ancient deity dating back to the era of the Aryan or Indo-Iranian unity with a thunderous character; the winner by the power of the Soma drink of the serpentine demon of chaos Vritra. Its abode is the region of the Sun.
Later, the image of this deity was supplanted or merged with the image of Indra.

The opinions of researchers about the origin of his image are different. Someone believes that he was one of the thunderous deities, the personification of lightning, heavenly or air fire, someone that the god of winds and water, or storm, or bright sky, or waters and sea.

There is no doubt that some parallels of this deity with Attakeria exist. There is also a relationship with water, sky and fire, but, what is most interesting, with the victory over the monster. One of the practitioners on this forum noted that he saw Attakeria (and other spirits) defeating some kind of serpent or dragon.

But is this proof of the identity of Trita Aptya and Attakeria? Is it possible to put an equal sign between them. I don’t know yet, and I can’t say for sure.

However, this exploration revealed to me a new deity of the proto-Vedic pantheon.


Trita Aptya (investigation)

Today I tried to contact the deity Trita Aptya. I began to meditate on his name and soon saw a large wasteland, the sky of which was covered with dark blue clouds. Suddenly in front of me, a wide light blue glass staircase appeared, which rose into the sky. At its end, a sparkling whirlpool seemed to swirl, and in its very center a white glow spread.

At the same time, I felt a sudden joy. What triggered this emotion? Ladder? A luminous whirlpool? All together? Dont know.

I began to climb the glass staircase and noticed that on the sides of this staircase some light entities were watching for me. I don’t know who they were, but they didn’t do or say anything.

When I went up to the end of the stairs, I saw that I was in a space illuminated by white light. Not far away was a table made of large stones, on which lay a mask. I went to this table and take a mask. It showed the face of a young man with flowing hair. The mask was also light blue color.

As I examined the mask, I noticed that silent light figures were crowding around me. I don’t know what they wanted, but that was the end of my meditation.

So what does this all mean :thinking:


These are some sketches of what I saw today. Interesting fact. I remembered that at the very beginning of Attakeria’s manifestation as a pillar of fire, he appeared in a mask. Interesting…

The first sketch is a staircase with light beings, the second is a mask.


Trita Aptya (investigation)

My research on Trita Aptya continues. Today, meditating on his name, I again saw myself in a space illuminated by white light. I again held the mask in my hands, but now the light figures that stood around me yesterday acted as guides.

They led me into another room, where weapons were located: a spear, a shield and armor. It seemed that someone had left them, as they were lying on top of each other.

And then I remembered that at the very beginning of his manifestation Attakeria appeared in the form of a warrior.

Is this a coincidence? Or is it a reference to Attakeria’s past and a “hint” to his connection with Trita Aptya? Actually, I thought Attakeria was an angel. But the discovery of the Fiery World and the mention of one of the former forum participants that Attakeria is associated with Agni, changed my opinion.

Another notable detail. Some researchers attribute Trita Aptya to one of the thunderous deities, who once belonged to the family of light gods Agni, Vayu or Indra and Surya.

Perhaps this is how Attakeria is connected with Agni and the pantheon of Indian deities?



An interesting fact is that when I began to research Trita Aptya, Vishnu began to appear in my meditations. He always stood at the top of the mountain and seemed to be watching me. Then I decided to talk to him directly and ask the reason for his appearance.

It is worth saying that his first appearance was in my childhood dream, where he said the phrase “We need you.” Then, naturally, I did not ponder for a long time about this incomprehensible, but very vivid dream. Now I decided to deal with this in more detail.

So, Vishnu said that earlier Attakeria interacted with him at his own invitation (?) (I didn’t quite understand this moment). After this collaboration Attakeria left, but now this collaboration / work can resume.

Very interesting information. If you look at the historical information about Vishnu, then at the Vedic religion, he was mentioned in the Vedas as a secondary deity associated with Indra by kindred (as a brother) or working (as an assistant) ties.

Scientists believe that the image of Vishnu is predominantly of non-Aryan origin, but over time and gradually absorbing the images and functions of other deities, Vishnu became one of the supreme gods in Hinduism.

I found here some parallel with the story of Trita Aptya: both of these deities played a minor role in the Vedic religion, and both were associated with Indra and water.

Could this be a kind of pointer to their interaction?


probably yes, one of the most sacred names of Vishnu is Narayana and this name is associated with the primordial waters in Hinduism, in the Manusmriti, a text of the Dharmaśāstra says: The waters are called narah, (for) the waters are, in fact, the offspring of Nara; as they were his first residence (ayana), he is therefore called Narayana, perhaps it is easier to discover the link between Vishnu and Trita aptya using the name Narayana

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There is also an interesting situation with the name of Narayana. Initially, according to researchers, Narayana, like Vasudeva, were separate gods, the images and functions of which were taken over by Vishnu. For example, Vasudeva is a non-Aryan god popular in Western India in the last centuries BC., and Narayana was mentioned in the oldest Vedic text of the Shatapatha-brahmana, which dates back to the first half of the 1st millennium BC. In it, Narayana is identified with the Purusha, that is, the victim from whose body the Universe arises (Narayana-Purusha). Thus, Narayana in the Vedic period is associated with sacrificial rituals and sacrifices. But already in the “Laws of Manu” a connection with the water element is really traced.

I think it is necessary to investigate both the aspect of Narayana and Vasudeva, but will it be Vishnu or some other deities?


yes perhaps they are aspects of vishnu, the Purusha is the unchanging universal principle, and present in everything the vishnu purana says: The term Vasudeva means that all beings reside in this supreme being and that he lives in all beings, the mahabharata udyoga parva says: He is called Vasudeva, because he surrounds all creatures with a screen of illusion, or because of his glorious splendor, or because he is the support and resting place of the gods.

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Yes, these are interesting points to explore. Because Vedic literature, and then ancient Hindu literature, could combine various deities into one, based on their ideological goals and objectives. In fact, this process happened with Trita Aptya, when unknown authors transferred its functionality to Indra. But, as they say, there is no smoke without fire and, naturally, Vishnu has a number of aspects.
All that remains is to “look deeper”, as Attakeria always advises me, and to communicate more effectively with Vishnu about his interaction with Attakeria.


Marquis Phenex - “poet’s assistant”

I hope it will be interesting for those who want to develop their creativity in the poetic field. About two months ago I asked the Marquis Phenex to help me with the development and improvement of the poetic style, and here are the results I began to notice at the moment:

  • Inspiration. Someone believes in it, and someone does not, but I noticed that after starting to work with the Marquis Phenex, I have a desire / craving / passion for creativity constantly, every day, as if I could not live without it.

  • The feeling that words, rhymes, lines come by themselves. You just sit down and write without thinking. Sometimes, it happens that some phrases or beginnings of poems “spin” in your head and until you write them down, they will not disappear.

  • Fear to write something. Sometimes this happens - the fear that you will write badly or you will not write anything at all. But after interacting with the Marquis Phenex, this fear disappears and only self-confidence and the ability to become better remain.

  • The feeling that words, rhymes, lines come by themselves. You just sit down and write without thinking. Sometimes, it happens that some phrases or beginnings of poems “spin” in your head and until you write them down, they will not disappear.

  • Craving for literature. I noticed that the Marquis Phenex “pushes” me to read not any kind of literature, but that which will improve and develop me as an author.

  • Craving for experimentation. I noticed that more unexpected images, comparisons, epithets, etc. began to appear in my poems. This makes my works more imaginative, vivid and unusual.

Perhaps these are the main points that I wanted to say. Perhaps, in further work with the Marquis Phenex, something new will appear. But for now, these are the main points that I wanted to point out.


Hello! Your thread is really interesting to read. I’m curious, does the demonic energy in general still feels ineligible/uncomfortable to you in any way, or you got used to it while communicating with various demons?

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Welcome @Iohann It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


Hello! Thank you!

Now I can say that I am “used” to demonic energy, but sometimes I feel uncomfortable with certain spirits (for example, Lucifer or Asmodeus) if I communicate with them for a long time.

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Today I had an interesting experience with Astarot. I ended up with him near the edge of the cliff behind which there was a black abyss. Suddenly I felt that Astaroth was somehow connected with this blackness and abyss. Moreover, in his hands he held a whole bunch of keys.

When I asked what this means, Astaroth replied that he leads “through the abyss.” When I asked if he was a guide, he replied something in the spirit: "I am the black fire that illuminates the path in the abyss. More than one path leads to the abyss.

I think that such an episode is connected with my desire to learn as much as possible about Astaroth, but information about it is revealed slowly and gradually. In addition, I leave a small sketch of Astaroth with the keys.



Relatively recently, I started working with Ganesha also on creative issues and I want to note that this is one of the few deities whose energy I associate with the word “good”. She feels light and clean, uplifting, stabilizing and totally positive.

I also feel that Attakeria trusts Ganesha and respects him, which, in principle, is surprising, since I did not observe trusting feelings for other spirits / deities in Attakeria.

Let’s see what results my work with Ganesha will bring.