Way to myself: thoughts, meditations and experience with different entities

So… I trying to strengthen the connection and interaction with King Paimon. I do this by meditating on his sigil. Recently, I have noticed that working with his sigil during meditation only happens when I am in the form of Attakeria. How, in fact, it happens. In the form of Attakeria, I put my hand to the sigil and try to feel it in this way. The sigil itself burns with golden light.

Sometimes gold thin threads seem to grow out of a sigil and can twine around the arm. But in the last meditation I put my hand on the sigil and, in addition, touched her my forehead. Suddenly I saw myself from the side: a flaming creature of light blue color, which was smiling and passing something into the hands of King Paimon (it seemed to me that it was a bird).

It is interesting that this is the second time I come across the image of a bird. The first one associated with a spirit named Manochia, who serves King Paimon. Manochia appeared to me in a dream in the form of a red bird. And now the image of the bird has reappeared.

I wonder what this vision might be related to?


I continue to work on strengthening my bond with King Paimon and this is what happened today during meditation. It all started with a meditation on his sigil, then an image of a night area emerged, and a woman in a black cloak and a burning torch in her hands came up to me (I was, as always, in the form of Attakeria).

In complete silence, I followed this woman. We came to a cave and entered it together. Then the woman disappeared, and I saw a table with two large bowls on it. I went to the first bowl. There was water in the bowl, in which I washed my hands. The second bowl contained something that looked like white powder or flour. I also put my hands in it and then with this powder began to paint a symbol on the wall.

Below I am attaching a rough sketch of what I drew in the cave. And, as far as I understand, this symbol has to do with King Paimon.


All day yesterday I had the thought in my head that earlier Astaroth had a different name (by which, most likely, Attakeria could have known Astaroth). During my evening meditation, the name Mannatar or Mann-Atar came to my mind, as well as the sigil associated with this name.

This is very interesting and I will definitely try to work with this sigil and with the name to find out their connection with Astaroth.


I actually havent had demonic sigils flash and leap at me like these did when i was scrolling. I think your construction is fab - theyre just so eye catching. But it caught me by surprise for real - you channeled these?


Thank you!


On both occasions, I asked King Paimon and Astaroth to strengthen their connection with them. And after that the first sigil came to me during meditation, when I drew it with my own hand. But to be more precise, King Paimon was standing nearby, pointing out exactly how to draw her.

The peculiarity of the appearance of another sigil is that I felt an irresistible urge to create it throughout the day. But I drew it not during meditation (there were no such images as in the case of King Paimon), but after it.


Increasingly, I began to notice that when working with Attakeria (during meditations), I begin to feel calm. This is a deep feeling that can be compared with the calm lake water that envelops you, lulling you with the measured splash of waves.

And more and more often he appears sitting in the lotus position on a stone in the middle of the forest. Or he walking in the woods. Also, signs on his body are increasingly sparkling or hovering in the air near him, or spreading from him along the ground. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I finally found out its origin and "everything fell into place”.


I tried to work with the sigil and the name Mannatar, which are supposedly related to Astaroth, and this is the initial result. In the process of meditating on the sigil, a rocky space (I would call it a hellish landscape) appeared in front of me, and Astaroth was in its center. However, he was very, very tall as a mountain, in black clothes (however, he always appears in them), but now she looked more elegant and richer, and on his head he had a high crown. I felt majesty and depth as I looked at him. Also, the name “black flame” appeared in my head, which is apparently associated with the name Mannatar (something like “Mannatar - black flame”). Interesting and unusual. I will continue my research.


Paimon’s meditation and vision of the Fiery World

I try to meditate on King Paimon’s sigil every day. And I noticed that during the last weeks during meditation an image of a desert appears in front of my inner vision, and in the middle of it an oasis, where I am (in the image of Attakeria). As I described earlier, I / Attakeria interacts with the sigil through the hands (putting hands on it), however, the golden threads that grow from the sigil now twine more around the arms.

But the most interesting thing is that somehow communication with King Paimon contributes to the activation or awakening of Attakeria himself. If you meditate on his (Attakeria) sigil, then, after some time, it turns into a huge, sparkling bird, or a dragon, on whose wings a dazzling city is visible. Most likely, this is the vision of the Fiery World.


While communicating with King Paimon during meditations, I see a nearby fountain of white stone. The fountain is a worker and usually I / Attakeria sit by this fountain. In general, I / Attakeria usually likes to be near various types of water (waterfall, oasis in the desert etc.), which, in my opinion, once again proves Attakeria’s belonging to the fire-water element (as said MorpheusDarkson).

The image of a fountain appears when I am in the “territory” of King Paimon, but if communication takes place on the territory of Attakeria, it is often an area or a forest - completely covered with snow. A place where you can feel complete calmness and tranquility. Perhaps these images also carry other meanings, but I have not yet figured out this.

Another of the most interesting moments is working with King Paimon in the poetic field. In this part, we have certain arrangements, and sometimes he takes me to a bowl where the letters float in the glowing water. I / Attakeria immerse my hands in this water, and the words seem to be absorbed into my hands. Communication and these manipulations, does not occur in my human image.


Some information about Attakeria

An interesting fact is that when there is a transformation from my human form to the form of Attakeria (during meditations), then in ninety percent of cases this happens in the mountains. Namely on a stone ledge surrounded by mountains. Wherever I was before, this places disappears, as if there is an automatic teleportation to mountains. I do not know for sure what this is connected with, but I have a few guesses about this.

And yes, now I know how the representatives of the Fiery World are called in the infernal world. As King Paimon said, they call them fire faced (although I used to think that this was an epithet of Attakeria, but, as it turned out, he is applicable to all the inhabitants of his world).


Ritual of Attakeria (blood-poetry ritual)

Earlier I wrote about how King Paimon helps me in poetry. However, in addition to his help, I also receive support from my Higher Self / Soul / Attackeria.

There are times when there is moral or creative exhaustion when I don’t feel like doing creativity. How does the process of activating creativity (or poetic) take place with the help of Attakeria. During meditation, I see myself / Attakeria begin to play an instrument, like of medieval mandolins. But before starting to play, Attakeria makes an incision in the skin and lubricates the strings with his own blood. Immediately after completing the meditation, or after a while, I feel the urge to continue writing (and as much as possible). There is no loss of energy after using “spiritual blood”. On the contrary, mood improves as does energy.


Two worlds

In addition to working in the creative field, King Paimon said he would help me “remember myself” or develop Attakeria abilities. After that, I began to notice a strange thing. After meditating on the sigil of Attakeria, if I try to communicate with King Paimon, it will be like the interpenetration of worlds.

How its looks like. There are two options.

In the first option, over the desert, where, in fact, I meet King Paimon during meditations, the sigil of Attakeria lights up. The sigil blazes with light blue flame, but then disappears.

In the second option, the expanse of the desert is distorted and a mountain range associated with Attakeria is wedged into it. After a while, it also disappears.

I have never experienced this before, although I understand that this may be due to the more active work on the sigil of Attakeria or the disclosure of his abilities.


Communication with Beelzebub

So, three days ago, Beelzebub suddenly came to me (during meditation). He let me know that he wants to talk to me, but I did not really react to his offer. However, yesterday his wish was indirectly confirmed by @Rav’s message. So today I tried to contact Beelzebub. I began to meditate on his sigil and found myself in a dark, pillared hall. At the end of hall, Beelzebub was sitting on the throne. He invited me to come closer to him. It should be noted that I was in the form of Attakeria and my human consciousness is mixed with the sensations of Attakeria. I felt that Beelzebub was open to communication, but I felt closed and wary. A small fire burned near Beelzebub, illuminating his lower part of his face. I remember his pupilless black eyes, pale skin, and long, thin fingers. He was dressed in a long robe (akin to a priest’s). I asked him what he wants from me. The answer was the same “Communication”. I also noticed that throughout the hall there were his subordinates. There were a lot of them. I did not feel any fear or tension. Just not a willingness to communicate. Consequently, communication with Beelzebub had to be interrupted.
However, afterwards I felt the urge to meditate on Attakeria’s sigil. And I must say that it was one of the intense meditations. The radiance of his sigil was dazzling, the signs of the Fiery World circled around the sigil and Attakeria. A column of flame emanating from the sky almost engulfed him.
An interesting fact is that such activation occurs when communicating with King Paimon and, in this case, with Beelzebub. With Astaroth, the intensity of manifestation is not so great. Let’s see what will happen next.


That is so totally cool! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you! And after meditation, I had an interesting dream, apparently also related to Beelzebub.



So, after meditating and communicating with Beelzebub, I had a rather curious dream. I dreamed that I was holding a sketch pad and flipping through it. On its pages, I see images of demons painted in red and black. And I understand that I drew them. Perhaps Beelzebub meant by communication the need to draw some of his subordinates? I’m not exactly sure of my assumption yet. Maybe Beelzebub meant by communication the need to draw someone? I’m not quite sure of my assumption yet.


Red is the blood. Incantations without blood are oft just air. Black is the matter and symbol of the body of the witch. Maybe is telling you that. Witch, incantations and blood is the way of Beelzebub :heart:


Interesting! It is noteworthy that during some rituals (during meditations), in the form of Attakeria, I use my blood (I would call it “spiritual blood”). In any case, one “bloody” ritual is definitely associated with the enhancement of creative activity. I wrote about him above.


Beelzebub’s black palace and the Smoky space of Semyaza.

I noticed that Attakeria likes not so much to communicate with spirits as to explore their places of residence. Or the places where they appear in front of him. So several times in a row I found myself in the “throne room” (my designation) of Beelzebub. He also was sitting on the throne as in previous times. The brazier also lited the lower part of his face. But immediately after that, I headed for the exit from his palace. I found myself in a deserted space (either a wasteland, or a desert). The sky is covered with gray-scarlet clouds. But the most unique element of the landscape is Beelzebub’s tall and completely black palace. This is a huge complex of spiers and transitions between them. I will definitely try to draw this palace. When I was in the vicinity of this palace for the third time, I saw the servants of Beelzebub (there were again many of them), and one of them silently showed me towards the palace of Beelzebub. I can interpret this as a tacit indication that I need to visit Beelzebub’s «throne room» again.

Today I was unexpectedly interested in Semyaza and I tried to establish contact with him. This is what I saw during meditation: a space completely filled with whitish mist. I am in this whitish space near a large stone. Suddenly I noticed that a tall figure that walked in this fog - its indistinct outlines appeared and then disappeared again. Then I (in the form of Attakeria) cleared the space around me from the fog. Now I don’t remember what I did specifically for this, but a circle formed around me, free from the fog. The figure came closer and began to walk near this circle. He was a very tall man with gray, like fog, hair and whitish eyes. I saw him smiling. Then he stepped into the fog-free space, still smiling and staring straight into my eyes. I was half the size of Semyazy, who turned out to be slim. I felt a slight headache and tension. To stop the headache and tension, I ran my hand over my head and the signs of the Fiery World lit up on it (it’s surprising that I myself do not fully realize how I manage to do this in the form of Attakeria, as if some kind of “spiritual autopilot” is working in certain situations). The discomfort is gone. Continuing to look directly into Semyaze’s eyes, from the form of androgyne-Attakeria, I turned into the most complete form - a pillar of fire with a face (here I have already caught up in height with him). Without saying anything, Semyaza pointed to the side. In this direction, the fog parted and a narrow path was formed. Where this path would lead - I do not know, since meditation has stopped. I will also try to portray this in a number of paintings.


Semyaza (continued)

So, unexpectedly for myself, I got the sigil of Semyaza. Sigil appeared in my mind and I drew it. This was the first consequence of my meeting with Semyaza (I published the sigil in my art-journal). Naturally, I was interested in checking it out and I decided to meditate on this sigil and repeat the name of Semyaza. The first thing I saw was a distinct triangle symbol with the point up. After that, a narrow path in the fog appeared again (like the first time). But now I saw its completion - the path went out to a gorge, through which a suspension bridge was stretched. Semjaza stood on his other side and was smiling.

I wonder what the triangle means in this context?