Wax interpretation of candle magick

So for the past week or so I have an ongoing ritual. This is a money bowl that contains cinammon sticks, bay leaves and a variety of silver and copper coins and a white candle which has two sigils carved into it; one respresenting money and one representing spirituality. I created these by using Saturn’s Planetary grid.

Each day I have added one or more of the components. Each night I snuff the candle before I go to bed. The next day I re-activate the ritual by charging it with my energy and intent and the incantation I created. The flame is always long in size and burns slowly. I have just noticed a big lump of candle wax in my “money bowl.” Has anyone had this happen to them when they have performed this ritual/spell?

I would love to hear your views on this :sunglasses::metal:

The flame burning bright suggests in terms of candle reading that any spell is going to be successful as the flame is a good sign.

As for the wax, there’s plenty of articles online that interprets candle wax. However, to me that looks like a mix between the reverse scorpion which means a betrayer has left you alone in favour of someone else, or the wall which indicates fear and worry.

Was the wax there already or was it separated from the candle?


The lump of wax actually fell off the candle and landed at the front right of the bowl, which I found out refers to the future. It is still burning down atm so it’s true outcome is still being determined. I posted it’s current state yesterday as the lump of wax really stood out. I been looking on the internet to try to find that particular meaning but to no avail…all the other aspects I can easily interpretate.

That’s odd. I’ve been doing candle magic for a long time and have never seen that. Definitely looks like a scorpion or reverse scorpion… I can’t really tell.

It isn’t either of the scorpions…the bulk of that candle fell to front right indicating future events. And with the candle being marked with a money and spirituality sigil I checked it out as eitjer one would be in great abundance. I thank you for your input…if you see something different to my readings then maybe we could discuss both our findings.