Waving effect/motion effect on sigil?

So, I was just now scrying azazel’s sigil to try and talk to him so I could train my spiritual vision and hearing.

As I was doing this, it seems the effects were stronger than most sigils I charged so far.

First, everything got brighter and the lines are appearing and dissapearing at random, that is normal.

The diference is that instead of holding the sigil, I put it on a surface so I could try to writte down the answers.

Well, things started getting really funny and weird. His sigil has like moving around the paper (just a little, like up and down), my surroundings and sense of balance started to go like I was in a ship that jumps with the waves, I got a little dizzy.

Also, it keep changing between bright and dark, my vision I mean. And things got wavy, the only thing that seemed ‘normal’ was the sigil, which was changing more lines at a quicker pace.

What was that?

I asked him as such, and got the impression that he said something along the lines of: ‘It’s your vision that is getting better’ (I can’t hear him yet, it’s like an impression that I got.)

off-topic: On my impression, it seemns he has a rather deep voice.