Water/ river translation,plz

So tis spell say,trow candle stub,leftiver wax in a fast moving river,or stream,if i live far away,can i use the batrom pipi,toilet,or dismachine? I knw small pieces rght,or the stormsdrains on the city,? I want to adapt ,i have a small creek close,but maybe candle wax stuck,or buried. Instead of mo ing along,any ideas guys,tanks,

I use storm drains, because rainwater as well as sewage goes down those so they’re more of the nature of a river or stream than just flushing them down the toilet, and I’d feel that was disrespectful, though I know other people use that method and don’t seem to have bad results.

Ta,ks so much,i will do the stormdrain,bcse toilet is a litle weird fir spirts,i knw stdrain be dry,but wen rau, it wilk b fast,tanks 4 advice oh yea i doi,g a spell for a manager complx,2 mean,want. 2 kick me out,we see tnght