Water offering turned Oily?

Hey. So yesterday I did an evocation of Chamuel, and i gave him this water as an offering. I also did fill the water with my own light before i did the ritual. On my altar i have his sigil with this water on top of it, its been there for like 15 hours-ish
Is this a good or bad sign?

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Also i just did a PH test and it came out as a striking 7.1.
My water is normally 6.5

When you’ve eliminated the likely answers, the unlikely answers become more probable.
In this case, it looks like scum maybe rather than oil from the photo, at least to me: first check the bowl was clean and your dishwasher is working properly, also do you have any nearby oil dispensers in the house like wall socket air freshers, or any construction or decorating going on?


Hey everything is working properly and i have no such dispensers or anything ;o

Well, it doesn’t look great.
I’d replace the offering with filtered water in a nice glass, once again adding your light as that’s the real offering and the water is a carrier, right?

Uh, if you have town water, (your house doesn’t have it’s own well) get a filter pitcher and never drink it unfiltered. The chemicals dumped into town water get dumped all at one end of he week, and you could have caught that day, making the water more off than on other days, that would be the next most obvious explanation, and could also have spoiled the energy of the offering.


Thanks. Its town water yes but i live in Norway and our water is pretty clean over here. I do wanna get myself some water filter anyways ofc - reverse osmosis taste so good and fresh. What if this water offering was affected magickally? Maybe it got drained or something… After the evocation - i went to bed, and i had a dream about getting a bsck massage and then i woke up there was a spirit behind my back. Idk if its connected but could be

It’s not impossible and I would say trust your intuition.
You know what I think and what I’d do, but I’m not you.

Is there a scent to it?

hm… try burning it? You might want to separate it from the water first tho. Oil is flammable, I am sure. Maybe don’t burn it, cuz you might want to save it to study it… idk, im just shitting outta ma mouth now lol

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I tried to smell it but it didnt smell anything