Water-like droplets

So I’ve already read about how succubi mark their partner through territorial water like droplets and sprays.

I experience something like this with an entity (didn’t ever do a letter of intent or stuff like that), except sometimes the droplets and (on more rare times) sprays BURN. Like one time I felt a bunch of “liquid like substance” on my thigh during a time where the entity was being intimate with me but it felt like it burned my skin…didn’t actually but felt that way. I’ll feel sometimes regular “cooler” water like droplets but more so they tend to feel like a burn/sting…

Wondering why the temperature difference.

So that’s how its called nowadays. The one that marked me likes the term, I always say “she marked me with her fluids”

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I’ve read the posts but didn’t find anything on the fluids burning to the touch (when you first feel it). Like a burn sting. Doesn’t happen all the time but sometimes it actually kinda hurts (and usually during intimacy but sometimes occasional burning water droplets – feels like a small rain drop…with no rain lol).

I haven’t had that experience, thus I can’t help you, but if those things are happening because of a situation that wasn’t requested, you may want to discuss it with Lucifer

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Awhile ago, (months) I reached out to Lilith because I thought I had a succubus with me, not to give me one but intermediate (I didn’t know the intentions of the entity/etc).

She did actually come (I didn’t evoke, wrote a petition letter to her), seemed very nice (felt a strong motherly energy, and not sure why but she did kinda hug/hold me and I fell asleep), I did have a dream that night (about parting ways with a horse while traveling through a desert – then watching the horse leave and continuing to walk on my own), not sure if the dream was from her or how it relates.

I wasn’t able to communicate at that time (not good at telepathy still) but did try to communicate my concerns to her/etc. She seemed to listen? (She sat at first on the side of my bed)

I will add, that was my first time communicating with pretty much any entity (besides the one I was concerned about), and her energy really surprised me. I mean my senses weren’t that good still, yet I felt her presence in my room like someone was actually IN THERE.

felt warm though, but strong.

So I’m wary to reach out to another when I already did reach out to Lilith. I mean it was awhile ago, but I’m sure this entity is the same entity that I had concerns with and reached out to her. Not completely sure, but still.

In Qabalah there are two deserts. In the Tree of Life there is a desert that connects Tiphareth with Kether, the longest path in the tree, thus the letter of that path is Gimmel, which means “camel”. The other desert is in the Tree of Death, between the Lilith qlipha and the Samael qlipha, it’s called Shalicu, according to Kenneth Grant, there live the ravenous beasts of Set. You might have found a ravenous beast. I somehow find important that the horse is a most Western animal than the camel.

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Might have found a ravenous beast?

Something less tamed

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The entity I was asking her about? I’m confused.

I didn’t know a desert had to do with the Qabalah. This is news to me and very interesting.

I’m confused on what the message was. Seems bad if it was a beast.

You need to know with what you are relating yourself with, only by knowing that you will be able to decide who to keep with you and who to banish

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Actually I do remember (before I had contacted Lilith), I used to get alot of weird marks on my body that looked more like shapes and symbols.

I looked them up and alot seemed like rune symbols. Like the letters. Had an “M” shaped one, and another that litterly meant untamed/raw power (similar to the beast)…very interesting.

This could also be a Physical person type situation to perhaps (as I’ve been dealing with a situation of having to move away from certain people) and not just an entity type situation.

Maybe not though because I did specifically ask her about the entity.