Water for banishment Koetting


So folks … I’ve been looking for since yesterday a link where Koetting teach to make a water for banishment …

It’s no use being in video, I do not speak English and the translation loses a lot or makes it difficult to understand … Someone has or remember how I can get this ban


I remember the video, @DarkestKnight does this ring any bells with you? :thinking:


I think he might be thinking of the video where EA is discussing Florida water?

That’s the only specific water for banishing I can think of.

There’s also the method of Invoking Omnipotence and pumping the energy into the water for clearing described in Evoking Eternity, though I can’t remember a video of it off hand.


There’s one with putting light into the water, I think?

Also one with salt, and one with the dead chick that was in his house…


This is what you’re talking about evoked eternity, but I had a bulletin link so I was looking for the bulletin link because you had more important things in the bulletin …


That one yes @Lady_Eva


Works of darkness has salt water for a banishing to use in your temple


Which: light, salt, or dead chick? :smiley:


I think he is referring to using light :thinking:


The water mixture is not Light and salt ??


I only remember seeing it in the bulletin … And I remember little of what I read


I will look in “evoking eternity” and “works of darkness”


Essentially the technique is to hold a bowl of salt water, and to invoke Divine Light in your preferred way (EA has a technique he calls the Invocation of Omnipotence for this purpose). When you are full of Light, place your index and middle fingers of your dominant hand into the water and push the Light from yourself through your fingers and into the water. When the water is full of power, use your fingers to sprinkle it around your area, feeling and visualizing all negative energy being dispersed.


I’m trying my google-fu, bear with me. :thinking:


Here’s the haunted house one, very detailed newsletter:


Black salt, not what you’re asking for but may be useful: https://web.archive.org/web/20170604135952/http://www.becomealivinggod.com:80/newsletter/someone-cursed.php


This one! Thank you!


Thank you for all help @Lady_Eva!


(11: 36 if that link doesn’t start right.)


There was a similar method used by JD Temple in which you burn Epsom salt to absorb and clear negative energies. I used it and found it very effective