Water evocation

I’m more curious to know if anyone has tried it and to what degree of success?

I was in my public pool earlier and I dived to the bottom and thought this would be a truly surreal place to do an evocation. Maybe not under water unless you can hold your breath or had a scuba/snorkel mask, could be floating, or sitting in a stream.

Could be an effective means of calling to the water beasties. Unfortunately, I only have immediate access to a public pool and a tiny bathtub just won’t do for me to try this.

Any thoughts?

I vaguely remember someone on here evoking Tiamat in a pool. Don’t remember who though :thinking:

Ah, I tried searching for some thing like that, but I guess I did not look deep enough.

Seems like it would be interesting in was noticing I was seeing numerous colors and shapes, but public pools are not friendly for privacy lol

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In @Eye_of_Ra 's 30 Day Tiamat challenge, she evoked Her while in the bathtub so it is quite possible. I don’t know how large her tub is compared to yours though :slight_smile:

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