Water Angel Pic Taken Yesterday

I’m not seeing it - is that a stream I’m looking at flowing from mid-top to bottom? Are you saying the shape of the river was moved into place at a crossing? Or are you actually seeing a water angel? And if you are, you’ll have to point it out :stuck_out_tongue: hehe sorry

It’s at the top center… its arms are facing left held up to the sky, has a halo, wings, dress robe. And it’s hands are held to the sky.

ahhh - ok ok. I see what you’re getting at :slight_smile:

I didn’t even see it, lol…until you pointed the location…I kept seeing a ferret or mongoose…

haha I should have just highlighted in the first place.

Jesus in a piece of toast.

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Not to suck myself off or anything, but it was the first element of the picture I saw. Interesting, very interesting indeed, thank you for the picture posted here!