Watching someone's actions?

The Santeria Lady I went to a few years ago told me that she could see what I was doing regardless of where I went. Because her magick did not accomplish the goal, I think she may have been a fraud. But is such vision possible? If so, what is it like to experience? Like a TV screen or just impressions?

Hard to judge how authentic she was, but she sounds weirdly stalkerish if you were just her client, surely?!

Anyway this IMO is why we have so many wise and awesome entities listed in the grimoires for granting invisibility - not like the Invisible Man in the movies of course, but invisibility from those who would do us the subtle violence of surveillance and outright spying.

Is it possible for some people to do this? Yes. But whether she was able to is something I don’t know.

By your message, I guess she is someone you can see quite often whether you like it or not, maybe she lives in your neighbourhood?
Why is she saying that to you? Did she stop you in the street and tell you that?
If openly doubted her powers, either vocally, or did not return to her when she told you to, she may be having hurt feelings, as some of those people can. In that case, just ignore her.
She’s told you she can see everything you do, but I bet she has not gone into any details. Did she say for example, that you frequent this site? or that you are now trying to gain those powers yourself?
They tend to stalk people who dod not accept what they say immediately and implicitly. Because when you go to them, you become a client, someone who not only will regularly be bringing them money, but someone they can exert control on.
I say ignore her and tell her to stay out of your life. If she had any great powers, she wouldn’t waste time trying to spook you this way.
But your life is yours, and you’re free to get up to anything you want to. What is it of her to come and tell you she can see what you do? So don’t go and see her again, that is what she wants.

Milla-I wish I had that advice when I was going through it 4 years ago. Here is some context: I was her client. I definitely gave her a lot of money and she certainly tried to control me. She stated that I had to do exactly what she said in order to get my ex gf back. She gave me instructions regarding having fun instead of sitting home and moping. She said that she would be able to see what I was doing. One time, out of the blue, when I had been drinking, she said, “I know what you are doing. Stop it.” I think that she had some power, but I think that she grossly overstated them because nearly everything she predicted would happen failed. Of course she would say that it was because I didn’t obey her. I guess the main point of my question was whether or not this type of ability is possible and, if so, what is it like.